Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Updates

Whoa, I should blog about the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale more often! That quickly became one of my most read posts. So, welcome!

Looks like Vera Bradley is tweeting while setting up the sale! Follow them on Twitter at @verabradley. They are using the hashtag #vbos on the Outlet Sale tweets, if you want to tweet as well. They've already posted some pictures of the set up! I'm dying to see some peeks of the patterns!

Here are the pictures I've seen so far...
The quilt they'll be raffling off.

Look at all those boxes! I would love to help set up!

Large Duffels! I see some older patterns in there!

Just chillin at the @verabradley outlet sale #vbos on Twitpic
Check out this guy chilling at the sale. I spy Night and Day, Loves Me, Bali Gold, Buttercup & Twirly Birds Pink!

I'll keep posting updates as I find them! And be sure to follow me on Twitter because I'll be tweeting live from the sale on Thursday. I'm going with my friend Tricia from Knackicity. It's her first time and I can't wait!

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