Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Here Comes the Bride!

The moms are seated, my girls have taken their places up front, and now it's time for the kids.

My nephew C and M's niece S were are ring bearer & flower girl. They are both adorable and can both be hams when they have an audience. But, I wasn't sure how they'd do when they had an audience full of people they didn't know. They did great walking down the aisle at the rehearsal, but our priest insisted that they bow when they reached the end (the bridal party did this as well) and I wasn't so sure they'd remember to do that at the wedding.

Aren't they adorable?
As you can see, they started out well. S was all smiles and C was taking his job seriously. At this point, I had entered the back of the church and was watching them. The little hams suddenly turned a bit shy when they reached the pews were the majority of our guests were sitting. They slowed down and seemed a bit apprehensive about approaching our priest. Finally, they made it to the end and the remembered to bow!! I couldn't believe it! (I didn't really care if they remembered or not, they're kids, after all. And neither is Catholic.) I think all of our guests were smitten with these cuties.

My dad and I watch their progress down the aisle.

Finally, it was time for me!

We used the same music for both the bridal party processional and me.

I chose Pachabel's Cannon because we played it just about every year at the end of the year big orchestra concert when I was in school. I always liked the sound of it and since I couldn't use the traditional "Here Comes the Bride" song, I went with what I knew and liked.

Only problem with not changing the music? Nobody stood up! And then, I didn't know when to walk! My dad and I just kind of hung out in the doorway waiting for somebody to stand up. It was awkward! It felt like minutes, but I'm sure it wasn't that long. Finally, a friend of ours toward the back took the hint and stood up!

I smiled the whole way down the aisle and tried to focus on M's face as he was seeing me for the first time. It was a relief to make it to the end and know that we would soon be married.

All photos by Amanda Fales.

And for your viewing pleasure - Video taken by a guest of me coming down the aisle! Can I just point out how awesome my photographer is? I never would of thought to fix my train before walking down the aisle, but there she is, fluffing away! Amanda Fales is the best!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Vera Bradley Fall 2011

Vera Bradley announced on their blog, Inside Stitch, today that the Fall 2011 collection will be released on July 7. Just 10 days away!

They also shared this video which previews the new fall colors.

You can also download some wallpapers for your desktop that are inspired by the new colors. I currently have the Plum Petals one as my background. (That'll last until I find a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch.)

Earlier today, Vera Bradley posted a blog featuring pictures from the locations used in the fall catalog. And lucky for us, some of the pictures included peaks at the new colors!

I spy Safari Sunset, Happy Snails and some Mocha Rouge

Safari Sunset
Mocha Rouge (And I covet those tables!)
All photos from Vera Bradley.

UPDATE: Check out this Inside Stitch post for more about one of the new fall colors, Happy Snails.

Here's a post about Plum Petals! (Although not nearly as informative as the Happy Snails post.)
Here's Mocha Rouge!

And finally, here's Safari Sunset!

Inside Stitch also did a post featuring the new styles! Check it out! I can't wait to see Lunch Date...I need a new lunch bag!

I can't wait to see these colors in person!

Which color is your new favorite?


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pinterest Sunday

Time for my weekly Pinterest roundup! Every Sunday, I share with you a few of my favorite finds from the previous week.

First up, a handy tip!

I can never get my cupcakes to rise, so I will definitely be trying this next time I make them!

Next, a recipe I can't wait to try.

These oven roasted potatoes look so delicious and super easy to make! Annie's Eats is one of my favorite cooking blogs.

And finally, some Vera Bradley.

I live in flip flops in the summer and these Vera Bradley ones are so pretty. Plus, they are on sale now!


Friday, June 24, 2011


I promise that I will post about our anniversary trip to Chicago soon. And I want to review our hotel. I even have pictures of our awesome anniversary cake to share with you.

My only excuse is that we've been busy. I picked up some extra hours at work (yay money) and of course, my schedule is never normal. Plus, we're trying to be better about cleaning the house and that requires us to actually clean (i.e. take care of the pile of mail that's been growing over the last couple months and take down the Easter decorations yikes!) Plus, we also tackled a landscaping project that I promise I will share with you. Soon.

Meanwhile, this weekend we have plans for a day out with Bridesmaid T and her boyfriend. We're taking them to one of our favorite zoos to do a little of this:

Yes, that's me. And yes, I'm feeding and petting a giraffe. I can't wait to do it again! Hopefully, I'll take pictures and I'll have a post about our trip to the zoo. You know, soon.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Down the Aisle

Last week, I showed you how my girls and I got around the church. It was nearly time for us to all make a trip down the aisle.

But first, some important women had to make that same trip!

While we were making our way around the church and waiting patiently outside (in the hot sun), the moms were being escorted down the aisle to their seats.

M's mom was first. I actually didn't specify what order or anything, so I'm not even sure how this was organized. At this point, I simply didn't care anymore. Also, I intended for one of M's brothers to escort his mother to her seat since he was also supposed to be helping with ushering. I didn't know until I got the pictures back that he apparently didn't get the memo and my brother had to escort everybody to their seats. Bless him for doing it with a smile.

Next was my grandma. I never realized until I saw this picture just how much my brother looks like my grandma. She's not getting around as well as she used to, so I was very happy that she had my brother to help her to her seat since my mother couldn't do it.

Lastly, it was time for my mom!

Notice my dad in the background? It let us know that the moms were seated and it was time for my girls to make their way down the aisle. Unlike the moms, they were all alone. Thankfully, they didn't seem too nervous.

I don't think I've even explained to you who my girls are! This is R. She's M's oldest niece. She much prefers to be a tomboy, so getting her in a dress and looking so pretty was a treat. And I will never let her live it down.
This is T. I'm sure I've mentioned her before. We met our sophomore year of college through a mutual friend. Hard to believe we grew up in the same county and didn't meet until then. We've been best friends ever since and have been known to talk each other out of jumping out of windows (college and those darn papers) and harming other people (work and those darn coworkers/customers) through the magic of e-mails and Facebook messages. M and I often do couple-y  things with T and her boyfriend R.

This is L. We met at work. She actually initially intimidated me, but we soon became good friends. She's my drinking buddy since her fridge is always well stocked. I spent many a night on her couch watching movies and enjoying cocktails before I met M.

Next up, somebody steals the show and it's time for the bride!

All photos by Amanda Fales Photography


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pinterest Sunday

Time for my weekly Pinterest roundup! Every Sunday, I share with you a few of my favorite finds from the previous week.

This week, I took inspiration from my blog's name. I LOVE argyle (as I hope our wedding recaps have shown), so I searched Pinterest for argyle and found some awesome stuff!

First up, an amazing nursery.
Source: None via Jenn on Pinterest

How awesome are those walls? Can you believe we actually don't have argyle in our house? Right now, I have other plans for a future nursery, but this would be so perfect for us. Good thing I don't have to make any decisions right now!

Next, how about 2 of my obsessions in 1 item?
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Argyle and an owl! This wreath doesn't seem to be on Etsy anymore, but I bet I could make it! This would be cute on our front door in the fall.

Finally something that just might inspire me to learn how to sew after all.

An argyle fleece throw! This would be great for our sofa and we could finally have some argyle in our house.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Anxious Bride Walking

It seemed not long after I arrived at the church, it was time for the wedding to start. I anxiously watched the clock and hoped that everything was going according to plan as I had no idea what was going on in the church above me. Soon, it was time for the girls and me to get ready to walk down the aisle.

Because we were in the basement of the church, getting to the front of the church unseen was a bit of a journey. There are 2 staircases out of the basement. One brings you directly into the church. Not a very dramatic entrance. The other, brings you into a reception hall directly behind the sanctuary. From there, we would have to exit the church in the back and walk around the church to the front. And I wanted to do all of this unseen!

Not sure why I look so terrified as we made our way to the stairs.
The trickiest part came when we came up the back staircase. This staircase also has an entrance to the sacristy, which is where M and his groomsmen were hanging out. I made one of the girls go ahead to ensure they were not in sight of the doorway.

After that, it was a walk around the church and to the front door. This is about the time I realized that yes, my shoes were not on tight enough and if I wasn't careful, I would lose them.

Concentrating on keeping my shoes on my feet and not tripping!

As you may have noticed in previous pictures, our church's front doors are solid. After entering these doors, you are in a small vestibule with clear doors to the actual church. Because of that, I could not actually enter the church until it was time for me to walk down the aisle. My dad stood in the vestibule and watched for when it was time for the girls to enter. Meanwhile, we posed for one last picture.

All photos by Amanda Fales Photography

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hair Inspiration

Remember a couple weeks ago, when I showed you how my hair has been growing for the past few years? And how I want to donate it after I cut it on my birthday in January? Well, I went for my regular trim last week and my stylist measured my hair when we were done. Right now, it's at 8 inches which is the minimum for donation. Which means, by January it should be pretty long! Like, so long, I don't think I'll be able to last that long. So, I may be cutting my hair off sooner than January now.

Which means, I need to start figuring out what I want to do with my hair when I cut it off. Thanks to my Pinterest obsession, I've been pinning some cute hairstyles that I like and today I want to share them with you! These are all great inspiration for that post wedding chop or post donation chop!

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

When I saw that Kira Knightly had cut off her hair awhile back, I fell in love. This is a great simple, yet cute style. It looks like it would be very easy to wash and go, which is exactly what I want.

Here's a similar style, but with bangs (which I have) and it looks like more layers. My hair is thick, so layers tend to help it lay better.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

I love Sandra Bullock and this style is super cute on her! This is great inspiration if I want to keep a little of the length and not get a bob.

Another cute bob with longer bangs and layers. I don't like my hair in my face, so not sure that longer bangs would work for me.

This is a cute style on Katie Holmes. It's not really a bob, not sure this would look so cute on me.

I love what Dianna Agron has done with her hair. This is a fun look, but I have a feeling I'm too lazy to actually style my hair like this.

This shag looks good on Kim Caldwell, but I don't think my hair would do as well with this one.

Even though I don't like Paris Hilton, I have to admit this is a cute hairstyle on her. I love the bangs, but I think this is a little too short for my first haircut. Maybe if I still want to go shorter after the post donation chop.

As you can see, I have a lot of inspiration, but I'm still undecided on what to do for sure. I trust my stylist, so I'll probably take these pictures to her and ask for her opinion. I'm leaning toward something like the first two pictures for the first haircut.

Have you done the post wedding chop or donated your hair? Where do you get hair inspiration?


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pinterest Sunday

Time for my weekly Pinterest roundup! Every Sunday, I share with you a few of my favorite finds from the previous week.

Since today is my first wedding anniversary, I thought I'd share with you a few things from our wedding that I pinned.

First, our wedding invitations that I showed off in a previous post.

I still can't believe I found such perfect invitations for our wedding.

Next, the hair comb I wore above my veil.
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

You may have noticed I went with classic pearls for my wedding day accessories.

Finally, the beautiful rosary I carried with my bouquet.
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

You'll see more of this when I talk more about the details of the day.