Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hair Inspiration

Remember a couple weeks ago, when I showed you how my hair has been growing for the past few years? And how I want to donate it after I cut it on my birthday in January? Well, I went for my regular trim last week and my stylist measured my hair when we were done. Right now, it's at 8 inches which is the minimum for donation. Which means, by January it should be pretty long! Like, so long, I don't think I'll be able to last that long. So, I may be cutting my hair off sooner than January now.

Which means, I need to start figuring out what I want to do with my hair when I cut it off. Thanks to my Pinterest obsession, I've been pinning some cute hairstyles that I like and today I want to share them with you! These are all great inspiration for that post wedding chop or post donation chop!

Source: celebuzz.com via Jenn on Pinterest

When I saw that Kira Knightly had cut off her hair awhile back, I fell in love. This is a great simple, yet cute style. It looks like it would be very easy to wash and go, which is exactly what I want.

Here's a similar style, but with bangs (which I have) and it looks like more layers. My hair is thick, so layers tend to help it lay better.

Source: google.com via Jenn on Pinterest

I love Sandra Bullock and this style is super cute on her! This is great inspiration if I want to keep a little of the length and not get a bob.

Another cute bob with longer bangs and layers. I don't like my hair in my face, so not sure that longer bangs would work for me.

This is a cute style on Katie Holmes. It's not really a bob, not sure this would look so cute on me.

I love what Dianna Agron has done with her hair. This is a fun look, but I have a feeling I'm too lazy to actually style my hair like this.

This shag looks good on Kim Caldwell, but I don't think my hair would do as well with this one.

Even though I don't like Paris Hilton, I have to admit this is a cute hairstyle on her. I love the bangs, but I think this is a little too short for my first haircut. Maybe if I still want to go shorter after the post donation chop.

As you can see, I have a lot of inspiration, but I'm still undecided on what to do for sure. I trust my stylist, so I'll probably take these pictures to her and ask for her opinion. I'm leaning toward something like the first two pictures for the first haircut.

Have you done the post wedding chop or donated your hair? Where do you get hair inspiration?


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