Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Guys are Ready

After we finished the bridal pictures, it was time to hurry to the church! Just as the girls and I arrived at the church, M called to say that he was almost there. I was still in the parking lot, so I instructed him to go around the block and give us time to get inside and hidden away.

Some members of our families were already at the church, so I greeted them and let them check out the dress before heading to the church basement and hiding in the Bride's Room. I stayed here with my girls until it was time to walk down the aisle. While down here, I sent the girls on errands upstairs to make sure things were set up right and they gave messages to various members of our families.

While I was downstairs, the guys arrived and our photographers used this time to take some pictures.

The socks!  My photographer often takes socks/shoe pictures at her wedding and I knew she's be excited that our guys were wearing fun socks. I actually had one of the girls run upstairs to tell her just to be sure she got pictures. When she was done taking pictures of the guys, she came down to me and showed me this picture.

Our pretty church, one of the oldest in our city. It looks overcast in this picture, but it was quite sunny and very hot that day!

The gorgeous inside of our church. The guests are arriving and soon it will be time for me to head upstairs!

All pictures by Amanda Fales Photography


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