Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Social

What is your favorite magazine to read?

I hesitate to name one because every time I find a magazine I really like, it seems to stop publishing. I'm a not big magazine person, really. I get some magazines, but they were all free through various reward programs.

If I had to pick a magazine, I'd probably say People.

What is the best thing you've seen online lately?

Benedict Cumberbatch can't say, "penguin." Hilarious!

What is your favorite celebrity to follow on Instagram or Twitter?

I like following Jennifer Morrison on Instagram and Twitter because she posts stuff about Once Upon a Time and I love it when she posts behind the scenes photos.

Is there one article of clothing no matter what the season you can’t help but love?

Hoodies! I'm always looking for an excuse to wear one, even when it's hot outside. Also, yoga pants.

Do you prefer email or snail mail?

Snail mail. I love getting things in the mail! (Especially if they're not bills.) I really need to be better about sending other people mail.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Favorite Snack at EPCOT

Remember when I actually blogged? And I started a series on my favorites at Walt Disney World? Let's keep doing that!

Today, I want to tell you about my favorite snack at EPCOT.

While we were on our honeymoon at Walt Disney World, we had 2 separate days at EPCOT. The snack I want to tell you about was so good, we had it both days. I had first discovered it while researching things to check out for our trip. It had rave reviews from many other Disney fans on the message boards.

So what is this amazing treat?

 photo IMG_1969.jpg
Please excuse my husband's face. He's incapable of taking a normal picture.
Kaki Gori!

Located in the Japanese pavilion, it's shaved ice and fruit flavored syrup. But this is way better than just any old snow cone. It is shaved much finer and is very smooth. It's the perfect treat for a hot day.

You get your choice of syrup flavor or if you can't choose, you can get a rainbow. I prefer the cherry flavor while my husband enjoyed the tangerine.

We enjoyed it so much, it's a new tradition for us. We'll be heading to the Kaki Gori stand again on our next trip to EPCOT.

What's your favorite EPCOT snack?

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Social - Fall

What is your favorite part of Fall? 

My favorite part of fall is Halloween and Thanksgiving. I'm always up for a food related holiday.

Do you have anything special planned for Fall?

Just a lot of working now that school is back in session. 

What is Fall like in your area? 

Weather in Indiana is always unpredictable. It cooled off last week, but now we're back to 80 degrees. The leaves change color and the trees look beautiful. We have lots of pumpkin farms and apple orchards in addition to corn mazes.

Corn Maze!
What is your favorite Football team to cheer for(college or professional)? 

I've been a pretty big Colts fan ever since college. It's not unusual to find me yelling at my TV on Sundays during the fall. Why the Colts? Well, I live in Indiana, so they're the home team. Plus, we had an amazing team when I started following them and ended up going to two Super Bowls.  I also have to cheer for the Broncos since they've got Peyton now.

I also like to cheer for whichever team is playing Notre Dame. (I know, I'm a terrible Catholic.)

Do you decorate for Fall? Show us pics!!!

I decorate for fall. I especially decorate for Halloween. I'd share pics, but I refuse to decorate until it's actually fall and that's not until Tuesday.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Social - Favorites

I'm trying Sunday Social again since Answer Me This stopped.

Favorite Scent

My favorite perfume is LaCoste pour Femme. It's what I wore on our wedding day.

My favorite Bath & Body Works scents are Paris Amour and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.

My favorite flower scents are peony and lilac.

My favorite candle scents are vanilla, lilac, and campfire.

Favorite Food

Pizza, Buffalo wings, and just about anything chocolate, bonus points if it's a baked good.

Favorite Sound

I like the sound of rain at night.

Favorite Picture Currently on Your Phone

This is the last picture of Mimi I have on my phone. I still miss her.

Best Memory of the Year So Far

All the fun I had at my summer job.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Randoms

Oh yeah, I have a blog! Here are some random updates and thoughts for Friday.

  • I've been busy ever since school started again. We had school 13 days in August and I worked 8 of those days. It would've been 9 days if I hadn't had a dentist appointment. I'm hoping this continues and I'm busy all year. So far, it looks good!
  • We had a family gathering for Labor Day last Saturday. We played Apples to Apples for the first time in a long time. I forgot how much fun that game is! I got an expansion pack on clearance at Target awhile ago and adding those new cards in made the game even more fun. One of the cards was Benedict Cumberbatch!
  • I took advantage of the Labor Day sales over the weekend and hit up the outlet mall. It was crowded, so I didn't shop as much as I would've liked, but I did manage to score 2 new cardigans for less than the price of 1 at the Gap store.
  • I'm so happy that Doctor Who is back! I'm really loving the new Doctor. Of course, it helps that I already loved Peter Capaldi. I didn't really like last week's episode, but I'm looking forward to this week's episode.
12 gives awesome advice

This line felt very Malcolm Tucker to me. I like it!
  • I've had some really good luck at winning things this week. I won 4 gift cards on Crowdtap for participating last month. That's the most I've ever won in a month. I also finally won a blog giveaway. Have you ever had any luck winning giveaways?

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