Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I can't believe April is over already. Spring seems to be going fast! I better hurry up and plan our anniversary trip because it'll be here soon. Even the weekend went too fast for me.

Friday I taught fourth grade and after school, I headed to the local library. They were have a big book sale and I was hoping to score some good stuff. I didn't find anything interesting in the adult books, but I did manage to score six children's books for only $1.85. I was pretty happy with that! I would've gotten more, but another teacher got there right before me and she had some stuff in her pile I would've loved to have.

Saturday, we went out for a late lunch with some friends at a local Amish style restaurant. It's one of my favorite local restaurants and we celebrated some good news with pie. I had a really delicious slice of fresh strawberry pie that you saw if you follow me on Instagram. (My name is Argyle Love.) Afterwards, we did some shopping.

Sunday, I had a productive day after Mass. I got some blogging done and prepared some stuff for blogging. I did a load of laundry which is always a small victory for me. I even managed to do some Pilates! I forgot how tough that can be when you're out of shape. I'm paying for it today with some sore shoulders.

Overall, it was a satisfying weekend.

How was your weekend?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pinterest Sunday

Time for my weekly Pinterest roundup! Every Sunday, I share with you a few of my top finds from the previous week.

Since one year ago today, this happened...

I thought I'd celebrate by posting some of my favorite Duchess of Cambridge looks I've pinned over the last year.

This McQueen military inspired look was divine on her.

This fascinator that she wore on Canada Day was too cute.

I loved this velvet gown.

This casual look convinced me that I need some colored denim.

I want this dress for myself. And her hair!

And of course, my new motto.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Happy 1st Anniversary!

If you're on Pinterest, leave a link in the comments and I'll check out your boards.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Doctor Who's Day - Least Favorite Season

I'm doing Doctor Who's day a couple days late, but I wanted to do it so I don't get off schedule. Today's topic is least favorite season.

This was an easy decision. My least favorite season is the season that wasn't really a season. See, David Tennant 3 regular seasons, but then he wanted to work on other things and still be the Doctor. So, instead of doing a regular season of Doctor Who, he did 4 specials.

I didn't like it because the specials were spread out over a year. They also didn't do much to advance the story until the end when he regenerated. Also, I just plain didn't like one of the specials, only tolerated another, and the last two made me sad.

I would've much rather just had a regular season even if it meant having a different Doctor.

Which season is your least favorite?


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week, but sometimes life just happens, you know? I actually did have a couple planned this week, so hopefully I can get this out before the week is over.

I didn't mention this, but on Saturday after my awesome Vera Bradley day, I came home and just felt awful. I couldn't get warm, but my face was hot. M had been sick on Thursday and Friday and it looked like I had finally gotten it. I ended up having a fever that night and spent a lot of Sunday in bed. Luckily, I felt better Monday morning because I had to work.

Speaking of work, for some reason, the end of the school year means subs are in high demand. I'm booked every day this week and already have two days scheduled next week. I'm glad for the jobs and the money, but it is tiring. I spent my afternoon wrangling kindergartners, then went to the grocery store where I wanted to hurt people because they were acting stupid and by the time I got home, all I wanted to do was sit down and not get up until bedtime.

So yeah, blogging is not real high on my list right now. I promise it'll happen soon though!

How's life treating you lately?


Monday, April 23, 2012

A Very Vera Bradley Weekend Wrap-Up!

If you "like" the Argyle Love Facebook page, then you know that I had a Vera Bradley event to attend on Saturday.

My mom and I went to The Party Shop Hallmark Store in Warsaw, Indiana. They are a Vera Bradley retailer and they were having a very special event. Joan Bradley Reedy, daughter of Vera Bradley, and sister of Vera Bradley founder, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, was there.

I've never been to The Party Shop before, so I was surprised to see they had an extensive area of Vera Bradley merchandise. This is the first non-Vera Bradley store I've seen with this much merchandise.

(I didn't take my camera, so this will be all cell phone pictures, but I think with a little editing, they look pretty good.)

They had the new styles in stock, so I was able to compare the Whitney to my Stephanie. I should have taken a picture to show you! I think the Whitney looks shorter in height, but I liked that it was divided into three compartments. It only has 1 outside pocket, but again I think the compartments make up for that. I'll consider it next year at the Outlet Sale for my new purse.

I also got to examine the new Crossbody Baby Bag. I really love that it's crossbody and I'm sure that's a style my husband would prefer if he has to carry a baby bag. And I should probably note here that we don't currently have a need for a baby bag, but we're hoping to have one soon. I don't like any of the current patterns of this bag though. They combined 2 patterns on each one and it's patchwork. I'm not sure how that will work in the fall with 3 colors being released during each release. I'd really just like one in Indigo Pop.

I also spotted this Rolling Luggage in Yellow Bird. I'd love to own this as Yellow Bird was one of my favorite patterns, but sadly it was out of my price range!

But let's get on to why we were really there...

Here's Joan Bradley Reedy! She was very nice and took time to talk to everybody. I shook her hand and said hello, but mostly I just listened to her talk to other people. She did have a book with her about the history of Vera Bradley and my mom and I flipped through it. She posed for pictures with fans, but I won't even pose with Mickey Mouse, so I you know I didn't do it here.

But here's a picture from The Party Shop's Facebook page. That's me in the navy blue hoodie and the Make Me Blush Stephanie.

And here's Vera Bradley, herself. She's even wearing Vera Bradley clothing in this picture.

On our way out, I spotted these and gasped...

Yellow Bird china! I think I need these! Never mind that I have no need for china or a place to store it, I love it.

Afterwards, my mom and I decided to check out some antique stores. I had never been to these stores before, but I did see some interesting things. I didn't buy anything though.

The really interesting things were at an antique store in North Webster, Indiana. There, I found some vintage Vera!

When I saw this bag hanging with some other older Vera Bradley bags, I thought there's no way that's Vera. I don't even know that pattern. But, I opened up the bag and sure enough, there's a Vera Bradley tag inside. It turns out, this pattern is called Blue Holiday and it was made from January 1997 to January 1998.

Here's another vintage Vera I didn't recognize. This is Regatta and it was made from January 1994 to January 1996. The seller wanted $50 for this one.

I did recognize this pattern. It's Zebras and was made from April 2001 to January 2003. This pattern cracks me up because the zebras are facing away from you. I didn't check the price on this one, but now I kind of wish I had. It might have fun to own this one.

I saw a few other vintage Vera purses that I recognized, but I didn't take picture of those.

I did however spot this guy in another booth...

An official Vera Bradley teddy bear! For only $9, I'm kicking myself now for not buying it. It would be cute for a little girl's nursery - My first Vera! The pattern on this guy is Elizabeth, which was made from January 1997 to January 2003. Hmm, is it too late to drive to North Webster?

Well, that was my very Vera weekend. How was your weekend?


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pinterest Sunday

Time for my weekly Pinterest roundup! Every Sunday, I share with you a few of my top finds from the previous week.

In honor of Earth Day, today, I thought I'd share some outdoor things I've pinned. This spring we're focusing on landscaping the front of our house. We currently have bushes and landscaping on one side of our porch, but the other side is bare. It looks a little odd! Not sure why the previous occupants did that, but we're going to fix it! So lately, I've been pinning pictures of bushes and flowers that I like.

I love hydrangeas and this vanilla strawberry hydrangea is awesome. It blooms white, changes to pink and then strawberry red. Too bad our soil is acidic, so hydrangeas bloom blue here.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Knockout Roses are supposed to be very easy to grow.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

This is what hydrangeas look like in our neighborhood. Those are hostas at the bottom. We have lots of those in our side bed and the back. They are super easy to grow. Maybe we could put some more in the front?

If you're on Pinterest, leave a link in the comments and I'll check out your boards.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Trip to Binder Park Zoo

You may have noticed that M and I love zoos.We love to see a variety animals up close and learn more about them. We're lucky to have a local zoo that we enjoy visiting, but we also like to take day trips to other zoos in the area. It's nice to be able to see some different animals in some new scenery.

One of our favorite zoos to visit is in Battle Creek, Michigan. Binder Park Zoo is a bit of drive just to visit a zoo, but it's worth it for us. We try to make a trip up there every summer. M first took me there when we were dating and it won him major points.

Last summer, we took our friends T and R with us when we made our yearly trip. They had never been there before and we had a great time showing them around.

One of my favorite things about zoos is taking pictures of the animals. It's a great way to practice my very limited skills. Unfortunately on this trip I was either have so much fun with friends to take many pictures or, as I suspect, many just didn't turn out well.


Doesn't this goat looks like he's smiling? He definitely had some interesting dental health!

Binder Park Zoo has a great petting zoo area. They have everything from rabbits to goats to pigs and even llamas.

This isn't great picture of the prairie dogs, but I wanted to share it because of the story that goes along with it. The prairie dog habitat is quite large with plenty of room for guests to stand on three different sides and watch the prairie dogs. Every side has a large sign explaining that these are prairie dogs and tells about their natural habitat and diet.

As we were standing there watching the prairie dogs being cute, a woman walked up with a small child. She then proceeded to loudly tell the child to look at the meerkats. Over and over again, despite the signs saying otherwise, she kept calling the prairie dogs meerkats. T and I could not stop laughing about that lady. Now, whenever M and I see prairie dogs, we call them meerkats.

Let me show you the reason that we love Binder Park Zoo. It's the reason a trip to the zoo won M major points when we were dating.


Yes, an extreme close-up of a giraffe.

At Binder Park Zoo, you can feed the giraffes. You just hold out the giraffe biscuit and they take it right from you hand, sometimes licking you as they do. It's great fun if your a giraffe lover like me.



The great thing about the giraffes getting so close to feed them is that they are also close enough to pet them. I love being able to pet their necks and and heads. They are very gentle and sweet animals, of course that might because you are feeding them!

Notice the baby girl in the above photo? She was dressed in giraffe prints and oh so cute. Her father held her up so she could get a better look at the giraffe. That is so going to my child someday!


Giraffes have insanely thick and long eyelashes!


Binder Park Zoo is also home to one of other favorite animals, the red panda. I could just watch these guys all day long. This little guy was very active trotting around his habitat. They are so cute and cuddly, I just want to take one home with me!

We had a great day with our friends and enjoyed visiting the animals. If you ever in the Battle Creek area, you should check out Binder Park Zoo. Feed the giraffes and tell them I sent you!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doctor Who's Day - Favorite Season

Today's Doctor Who's Day topic is favorite season. I've never really thought about having a favorite season. I have a favorite Doctor, a favorite companion, favorite aliens, favorite moments and favorite quotes, but I've never really had a favorite season.

If I had to chose though, I'd say it's a tie between season 5 and season 6. Yes, those are both Eleventh Doctor seasons and as such are both Amy Pond seasons. What can I say? I really like those two.

I also really liked the themes of those seasons. Season 5 had the crack and why couldn't Amy remember things she should remember. Season 6 had who killed the Doctor and how is he going to survive? Both seasons had great episodes and plenty of twists that left me yelling at the TV. I can't count how many times I shook my fist and yelled, "Moffat!"

Another thing I like about these 2 seasons is that we've learned a lot more about one of my other favorite characters, River Song. We finally learned more about where she came from and just how she fits into the Doctor's life. I won't say anymore because, "Spoilers!"

I'm looking forward to the new season, whenever it airs, even though it means the end of Eleven and Amy's partnership. I think the new companion will be interesting.

Which season of Doctor Who is your favorite?


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pinterest Sunday

Time for my weekly Pinterest roundup! Every Sunday, I share with you a few of my top finds from the previous week.

Today I'm sharing some things I've pinned that show off my newest obsession, polka dots! I'm still a huge argyle fan, but I've noticed that polka dots are popular this season and I can't resist.

How cute are these polka dot planters? I love the stacking too. I wonder if I'm crafty enough to attempt this for our front porch?

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

This is a vintage blouse, but I'd love to find one like it. I love the polka dots and the ruffles. I actually have a top similar in style to this that is black and white pinstripe and it's one of my favorite tops to wear.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

And of course, I can't resist a polka dot cardigan!

If you're on Pinterest, leave a link in the comments and I'll check out your boards.


Friday, April 13, 2012

My Experience at the 2012 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

Yesterday was my day to shop at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. Now I'm sad that I have to wait another year for the fun.

A few notes about my experience...

Due to circumstances out of my control, we left later than I had planned and then face some more delays because of construction. As a result, we arrived about 20 minutes before our session started and we were directed to what we were told was line 3.


I really don't like how the lines worked this year. Last year, we arrived about 10 minutes earlier and we were in one big line. We got into the sale not long after it started. The year, I did not enter the sale until 11:40. That's very frustrating when my tickets says 11:00.

I'm  not sure how to improve the situation, but something should be done. Perhaps tickets could be scanned as people enter the line? And have more than 3 people to scan tickets? How about wristbands handed out after scanning the ticket? I really did not like that I lost 40 minutes of shopping time. And the only action Vera Bradley took was to give us an extra 15 minutes to shop. So I lost 25 minutes of shopping time.

25 minutes may not seem like much, but due to the lack of information, it was much harder to shop this year. In previous years, we've received a price list that lists most of the styles, their price, and their exact location in the sale. This year we got a map that only listed categories, not specific styles. I had to spend at least 10 minutes at the beginning trying to find the Stephanie purses because that's the one I wanted.

It felt much more crowded this year as well. And despite what I said, I saw many strollers and young children. People, I should not be tripping over your children when I'm trying to shop. I'm having a hard enough time avoiding the adults in the crowd without your children underfoot.


There was certainly a lot of inventory and I did see many of the patterns I predicted earlier. I even saw a few things in the winter colors. I did not get anything in Island Blooms, but I do love that pattern now that I've seen it in person.

My biggest disappointment was the Turn Lock Wallets. It's my favorite wallet and I was hoping to get a new one that went with the new purse I'd be picking up at the sale. Unfortunately, there was only one pattern available, for some reason. It was Loves Me, which I do not like, so I passed. I did consider an Opera Wallet, but I didn't like it as much as the Turn Lock. I guess I'll be checking out the Vera Bradley website and eBay.

So, what did I buy? Here, let me show you...


Stephanie (of course) in Makes Me Blush
Mini Notebook in Night Owl (Is it just me or has this pattern been around forever? Good thing I love owls!)
Flip Flops in Folkloric
Middleton Collection Flap Satchel

I just couldn't resist that Middleton bag. I think it'll be great for dressier situations or when I just don't want to carry my patterned purses. And with a name like Middleton, you know I was hooked!

There were a few other things I eyed and I'm considering going back this weekend. I'd like to see what is still available and how the prices get marked down. If anything was marked down at my session, I didn't hear about it.

After we'd checked out and had lunch, we headed over to the Vera Bradly store at Jefferson Pointe. I wanted to see the preview of the new fall colors. This fall, Vera Bradley will release six new colors in two separate releases.

The first release will be Indigo Pop, Paisley Meets Plaid, and Va Va Bloom. The second release will be Canyon, Provincial, and Portobello Road.


Paisley Meets Plaid, Indigo Pop, and Canyon


Portobello Road, Provincial, and Va Va Bloom.

I'm so glad I got a chance to see these colors in person. I love Indigo Pop! The colors are great and the pattern is pretty. I like the colors of Paisley Meets Plaid and the plaid background, but I don't like paisley. The other colors didn't really thrill me.


Have any questions about the Outlet Sale or Vera Bradley? Feel free to ask them in the comments or over on the Argyle Love Facebook page.

What did you get at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale?