Friday, April 27, 2012

Doctor Who's Day - Least Favorite Season

I'm doing Doctor Who's day a couple days late, but I wanted to do it so I don't get off schedule. Today's topic is least favorite season.

This was an easy decision. My least favorite season is the season that wasn't really a season. See, David Tennant 3 regular seasons, but then he wanted to work on other things and still be the Doctor. So, instead of doing a regular season of Doctor Who, he did 4 specials.

I didn't like it because the specials were spread out over a year. They also didn't do much to advance the story until the end when he regenerated. Also, I just plain didn't like one of the specials, only tolerated another, and the last two made me sad.

I would've much rather just had a regular season even if it meant having a different Doctor.

Which season is your least favorite?


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