Friday, June 3, 2011

Long as God can grow

My hair!

I've mentioned before that I grew my hair out prior to my wedding. Well, now that you've seen what my hair looked like on my wedding day, I thought I'd show you the journey it took to get it there.

As a kid, I grew my hair pretty long. When I was in the eight grade, it was to the middle of my back and I cut off 8 inches. Ever since then, my hair has been getting shorter and shorter until one unfortunate haircut when it got too short and I had boy hair for awhile.

That was 2004 and ever since then, I've been trying to grow my hair out. Before I got engaged however, I would reach a point where I was sick of my hair and I would cut it short again. It never really got longer than shoulder length and I would cut it back to chin length.

Being engaged and planning the wedding gave me a reason to not cut my hair off and for once, I didn't get sick of it! In fact, I was a little disappointed that my hair wasn't longer on my wedding day.

After the wedding, I thought about doing the post wedding chop, but I decided that since I had put so much work and patience into growing my hair, I wanted to donate it so somebody else could benefit. But hair wasn't long enough, so I kept growing it.

Now, a year after the wedding, my hair still isn't long enough. Right now, it's at about 7 inches and I need at least 8 inches to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. So the current plan is to keep growing my hair until my birthday in January (*cough30cough*) and then cut it off! It will surely be plenty long enough then!

I really want to cut it off now, but having a goal to work to is keeping me from doing it and I know I'll be proud of myself when I see the ponytail I'm going to donate.

So, let's look at the journey...

January 2006
April 2007
March 2008
February 2009
June 2010
Photo by Amanda Fales Photography

Sorry, no current pictures...I'll hopefully have some after our anniversary trip next week. Looking at these pictures helps me see how much my hair has grown. My hair seems to grow slowly so, I never feel like my hair has grown until I compare it to old pictures. Even now, I don't feel like my hair is much longer than it was a year ago, but the pictures proves otherwise. I think I am now at the point where I was all those years ago before I chopped it off in the eight grade. 

What's the longest your hair has been? 
All photos are personal unless otherwise stated.

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