Monday, November 4, 2013

Week in Review

Since we just had our 3 day Fall Break, last week was fairly quiet work-wise.  (I can't believe we've been back from Minnesota for over a week now!)

I did manage to pick up 3 days of work, all of them half days. So far, November is pretty wide open in my schedule, but I'm hopeful that it will quickly fill up with more jobs.

 Since we don't have kids, we didn't do Halloween. Trick-or-Treating doesn't seem to really happen on our street, so I don't worry about buying candy and passing it out. Plus, we take advantage of the vigil mass and go to All Saints Day mass on Halloween night. It is usually pretty empty - mostly just older people since all the families are out trick-or-treating. It's nice to have one mass a year where I don't have to deal with noisy children. (I love children, but some people really need to teach their kids how to behave in church.)

I spent the weekend at home as usual. The time-change meant that my husband got to work 9 hours overnight instead of the usual 8. I have to remind myself that his benefits are great whenever I get annoyed with his company.

I really miss the days when Indiana didn't participate in Daylight Savings Time. Thanks a lot Mitch Daniels. 

How was your week?


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