Sunday, July 26, 2015

Answer Me This - The Last One

1. What's your favorite grocery store splurge? 

I'm not one to splurge at the grocery store. In fact, I only buy things that are on sale unless it's something we need right then because I somehow failed to stock up when it was on sale.

However, a few weeks ago, I picked up some Trader Joe's Cookie Butter, which was decidedly not on sale. It is so delicious, it was worth having to drive 2 hours for it.

2. How's your penmanship? 

I teach primary grades, so my printing, when I try, is darn near perfect. My everyday writing tends to be a mix of printing and some cursive and I've been told it's nice. My actual cursive is okay. It's legible, but my 3rd grade teacher would be disappointed in some of my letter formations.

My everyday writing

 3. Do you have a "Summer Bucket List?" 

 Our anniversary is in the summer, so we always try to celebrate with a trip, usually just a day trip to an area zoo. This year, we're heading to the Indianapolis Zoo.

I also usually go to our county fair at lease once, but this year I decided that it just wasn't worth driving out there and dealing with crowds just for some ice cream, however delicious it may be. Besides, we've got a busy week planned since the husband is on vacation and my summer day camp job is over.

4. What's the best thing on the radio right now? 

 Oh gosh, my summer commute is less than 5 minutes, so I don't listen to the radio much. I can however, sing all of the "Watch me whip" song thanks to our camp talent show act.

I fully admit that Taylor Swift has sucked me back in with her pop stuff and I do like Bad Blood.

Of course, I also like anything Kelly Clarkson puts out and I've been enjoying Maroon 5's stuff again.

5. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice cream! Especially the soft serve from the county fair.

We actually have several frozen yogurt places around here where you do your own toppings and then pay by the weight. I haven't been to any of them yet, so I'm not opposed to frozen yogurt.  I actually just prefer to go to the frozen custard place instead.


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  1. We did a family trip to the Indy Zoo last summer and had a great time. I am sure it will be a nice trip for your anniversary, have fun!!