Monday, April 10, 2017

2017 Vera Bradley Annual Outlet Sale Wish List

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small amount of compensation which I will then use to buy more Vera. 

I'm making my trip to the Vera Bradley Annual Outlet Sale next week. The sale is crowded and chaotic, so it helps to go prepared. I like to make a wish list of items to look for first before I attempt to browse the rest of the sale.

Today, I'm sharing with you my Vera Bradley Outlet Sale wish list. I should mention that the outlet sale is pretty much the only time I buy Vera products. I occasionally buy something if I go to the outlet store an hour away a couple times a year and rarely I buy something online if there is a good sale and I have a coupon. That's why I make the most of shopping at the sale.

I usually pick up a new purse at the sale. For the past few years, that has meant a new Glenna. I really like the style of the Glenna, but now I have 4 of them and I don't really need another one. I'd really like a crossbody bag that I can use daily for times when I'd like to have my hands free instead of carrying a shoulder bag.

I'm interested in these 2 styles -

Vera Bradley Cargo Sling

This is my first choice, but this style has been retired so there may not be patterns that I like in this bag. The Cargo Sling is bigger than a Glenna and has lots of pockets, I think it will hold everything I like to carry.

Vera Bradley Carryall Crossbody

This is my second choice crossbody bag. My friend Trish has one and I think it's a good size. It's slightly bigger than a Glenna. If I get it in a pattern, I think it'll be Nomadic Floral. I might see if they have it available in the solid microfiber fabric so I can carry it all year.

I would also like a wristlet that can hold my phone, ID, debit card, and some money so that I don't have to carry a purse during camp this year. Previously, I was using the now retired All in One Wristlet and just throwing it in my backpack. But it doesn't hold my phone very well and this year I got a promotion to Assistant Director, so I'll be traveling around between our sites a lot and need something that can hold a little more.

Here are the wristlets I'm going to look for at the sale -

Vera Bradley Your Turn Smartphone Wristlet

My first choice is the Your Turn Smartphone Wristlet. I like that everything fits inside and I'm a sucker for that turnlock. This one also comes in microfiber so I might go with a solid color if I can't find a pattern I like such as Impressionista.

Vera Bradley Front Zip Wristlet

The Front Zip Wristlet is my second choice. This one doesn't seem to hold as much and I'm not sure that my phone will fit in the front zip pocket, but it should fit in the main compartment.

Vera Bradley Lunch Cooler

I take my lunch to work every day and I don't always have access to a fridge, so I'd like a bag that can keep my lunch cooler than the Lunch Sack I'm currently using. Also, the Lunch Cooler appears to hold more than the Lunch Sack which is nice when I have leftovers in containers.

Vera Bradley Mini Notebook with Pocket
I'm a sucker for the stationary and accessories sections of the sale. I will definitely be grabbing at least one Mini Notebook. I love these! I carry them in my purse for shopping lists.

I'm also hoping to score some Colorful Hair Clips. Vera Bradley sadly no longer makes them, so I'm hoping they'll show up at the sale so I can get a bunch of them. They work really well at holding my hair especially when I wear it up.

Of course, I have other items I'm interested in getting, but unless the price is right, they aren't as important as these items. Check out my wish list on Pinterest to see more of what I'm wishing for!

Tomorrow, I'll share with you my tips for shopping the sale with a wish list.

What's on your Vera Bradley wish list?


  1. Hi! Love your post and thanks for sharing! Have you heard if they are putting a coupon in the newspaper this year?

    1. It has been in the Indy Star and Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette already. It was in the Ft. Wayne paper yesterday.

    2. It's a coupon for $25 off a $100 purchase.

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