Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Adding to Our Family

If you've read my blog for awhile or looked at my now outdated About page, you know that M and I had 2 cats, Mimi and Sammy.

I wrote in February of 2014 about how we lost Mimi. While I was busy not blogging last year, I didn't tell you that we lost Sammy at the end of May. Her health had been declining and we knew it was time.

M and I knew that we would someday get cats again. We wanted 2 cats that could grow up together. What we didn't know was just how quickly we would want them. We took time over the summer to grieve and miss our darling girl but then realized just how empty our house seemed without cats.

We had started to think about looking for new cats to join our family when one of M's coworkers mentioned that she was fostering a couple kittens for a local animal rescue. She knew M was looking for cats and showed him pictures. She emailed them to him so that I could see them and while I thought the kittens were cute, I wasn't so sure about this.

Going to meet the kittens at M's coworker's house convinced me that maybe I did need these little furballs after all. We applied for adoption and a few weeks later, we finished up the paperwork and brought out girls home!

Introducing, Pepper and Luna! 

While I had been hoping for an orange or calico cat, we fell in love with these black and white sisters. They are full of personality and loving with each other and with us. They are also two of the most vocal cats I've ever met.

At nearly a year old, Luna has become a huge cat while Pepper has remained more average sized. And Luna isn't shy about letting Pepper know she's the bigger sister!

I'm so glad that we added these two to our family and I look forward to years together.

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