Monday, May 23, 2011

My British Boyfriend

A few blogs I read have mentioned the subject of their "Freebie Five" over the past week. You know, the five celebrities, who if you were to meet, you could do anything with without repercussions from your significant other.

Well, it got me thinking about who my Freebie Five would be and while I quickly thought of #1, I struggled to come up with the rest of my list.

While a few years ago, I would have gladly added Prince William to my list, now that I've watched his wedding and I adore his wife, I just couldn't do it.

David Tennant? Now a family man.

So, I decided that I'm pretty happy with my #1 pick. I call him my British Boyfriend (I have a thing for British guys, if you haven't noticed.)

Meet Benedict Cumberbatch. Isn't his name fun? And isn't he, well, dishy? I first met him when he looked like this...
And I have a thing for boys with curly hair.
Benedict plays Sherlock on the now BAFTA award winning show of the same name. It is my favorite show besides Doctor Who.

Here, have a look.

The first season of Sherlock is now available on DVD and Netflix Instant Watch.

And can I talk about that voice? I LOVE his voice. I once read an article that called it "molten chocolate" and I'd have to agree. I could probably listen to him talk about killing kittens and I'd still swoon.

Don't believe me? Listen to him read The Jabberwocky.

So, even though I know my chances of ever meeting Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch are slim, I think I'll keep him at my Freebie British Boyfriend.

Who's on your list of freebies?


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