Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: You're Invited!

Before I can show you our wedding, I need to invite you to our wedding! It's important that you see our invitation first, because it's the first taste of our wedding that our guests received. Plus, I think it sets up our theme quite nicely!

Is that argyle? In fuchsia and navy blue? That's so perfect for our wedding that we must have paid a fortune to have them custom made, right?


I struggled at the beginning of wedding planning to find an invitation that fit our wedding. M and I LOVE argyle, so it was only natural that we wanted it to be our theme. At first, I thought I'd have to make them myself, which scared me, because I'm not very crafty and making over 100 invitations sounded less than fun. I did find a few ideas on Etsy & was prepared to have them custom made when my mom found these invitations. 

They are from Invitation Consultants and would you believe they were already in our wedding colors? It's like somebody read my mind and designed invitations that were perfect for my wedding!

Next week, we start the wedding recaps!

Did you find invitations that were perfect for your wedding or did you make your own?


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