Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Doctor Who's Day - Favorite Catchphrase

Today's Doctor Who's Day topic is favorite catchphrase. Just about every Doctor has had a catchphrase and most have more than one.

All of the Doctor's recent catchphrases have been fun. I enjoy the way Ten says "Well..." a lot and of course, "Allons-y!" Eleven says "Geronimo" occasionally and an article of clothing is often "cool."

But I think my favorite catchphrase comes from Nine...

Nine said "Fantastic" a lot. And the best part was it was usually in a situation that was less than fantastic. He got so excited about being in peril and having to save the world. He was a pretty upbeat guy even in the face of danger and I enjoyed that.

Of course, my absolute favorite catchphrase doesn't come from The Doctor...

What is your favorite Doctor Who catchphrase?


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