Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Since my birthday was Sunday, I thought I'd do a little recap just to let you know how I celebrated.

On Saturday, my mom took me to dinner at my favorite local wings restaurant.

I got some nice presents from her and she even picked up some chocolate cream pie to enjoy for dessert.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, M and I did our traditional birthday movie.

This year, I chose to see The Hobbit. It was very good and I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm also probably the only person who got excited to see The Necromancer appear for all of 2 seconds. I then proceeded to point at the screen excitedly when Benedict Cumberbatch's name appeared in the credits. I may have issues.

Afterwards, we met my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and my mother at my favorite local Mexican restaurant. We had a great dinner and I got to enjoy a delicious frozen margarita. I haven't had one of those in awhile.

We all came back to our house after dinner for cake and more presents. M called our usual baker and gave him a theme for my cake, but unfortunately, he wasn't specific enough and it didn't turn out the way he wanted. It still looks good and it tastes great though.

He asked for Sherlock, but neglected to mention that he meant Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock. Oh well, it's still good!

And since today is January 9th, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the world, my fashion idol, The Duchess of Cambridge.

                                                      Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

We were born only three days apart...clearly we are meant to be best friends!

I have to include my favorite picture ever of her and Prince William. They are so adorable!


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  1. I totally have your birthday/christmas present at my mom's house! I think I'll be back in town for a few days at the beginning of February so we need to get together :)