Monday, April 15, 2013

Week in Review

Despite some setbacks, last week was actually a pretty great week.


I knew I wouldn't work because it was the first day back to school after spring break. I hadn't seen my social security card lately and I knew if I got a summer job I'd need it. So, I decided to use my day off to clean up the office and my desk because I was sure it was there. No luck. In fact M and I tore apart the whole office and a good portion of the house, but we never found my social security card.


I was supposed to work, but ended up having to call off thanks to some illness. It was the first day of the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, so while I rested and tried to feel better, I stalked updates on Twitter and Instagram.


I finally got the call that I got the summer job I interviewed for. I am very excited about the job! I can't wait to tell you more about it later. Of course, I still hadn't found my social security card and now I really did need it.


In the morning, I discovered that I got third place on The Pioneer Woman's Geography Quiz that week. I've been entering her giveaways and quizzes for awhile, so I was super excited to finally win something. I know her website is super popular. I knew winning the geography bee in the sixth grade would come in handy sometime!

Of course, Thursday was also the day I shopped at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. You can read about my experience in the post I wrote last week.


Since I still hadn't found my social security card, I needed to go to the social security office and get a new one. And since they have stupid hours (9-3, seriously) which also happen to be the same hours school is in session, I couldn't work.

The office was busy and I had to wait about 30-40 minutes. While I was waiting, I got to observe some really interesting slices of humanity. My favorite was the middle aged woman that actually expected a government office that deals with something vitally important to your identity to be able to help her without a photo ID. It is 2013. What adult doesn't have a photo ID? My 84 year old grandma has a photo ID and she's never driven. The Amish people that were there that day had ID. You need a photo ID to do just about anything in this country. Heck, I had to show photo ID to buy anything at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale!

Luckily, once they called my number, it took 3 minutes for me to answer some questions and swear that I had answered truthfully and then I was done. My new card will be here in about two weeks. Hopefully sooner.

I spent my afternoon designing a new About page for the blog. Check it out! I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to make it and get it up there all by myself.


Trish and her awesome baby were still in town, so I spent the day with them. First, we went to the brand new Whole Foods and checked it out. It was very crowded as expected, but I saw a lot of cool stuff and I'm sure I'll be back.

Later, I got to hold and play with that cute baby. I really need to get one of those for myself.


I've been jumping at the bit to start landscaping the front of our house. Since the weather was nice-ish, I wanted to go look at bushes. It turns out though that I am too early and nobody had the bushes I wanted yet. Later, we decided to take advantage of the weather and go visit the local botanic garden. There weren't many flowers yet, but we did see some ducks and geese and several dogs out for walks as well.

How was your week?


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