Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Ring Shopping Part 2

When we last left off, M & I had discovered that our favorite local jewelry store was closing and have a huge sale...

So Thursday finally came and M and I headed downtown for the jewelry store. We got there before the scheduled opening time of noon and already we could tell there would be a crowd. We actually ended up parking a couple blocks away as the store's parking lot is quite small. I don't know the exact time we walked into the store, but it was already open when we arrived. The crowd must have been bigger than they thought and they opened early.

The store was packed and I had to fight my way through the crowd to get to the bridal cases. June, the saleslady we worked with previously was helping in that area, so we were glad to work with her again. Since the there was such a crowd and few salespeople, we had to wait our turn. While we waited to talk to June, we browsed the cases. I picked out two settings that I wanted to take a closer look at when it was our turn.

Everything in the store was marked with the original price and the new sale price. I confess that I pretty much only looked at the sale price. I was looking for something relatively inexpensive. As a result, I did not know how much my setting originally cost.

June was finally able to help us and she remembered that I wanted a princess cut diamond. Turns out, they only had 2 loose princess cut diamonds left! June immediately told us one of them was flawed and told us we wanted the other one. Um, OK! (I should mention that M is the supervisor of the jewelry department at a department store, so he knows a bit about diamonds.) Anyway, June took out the settings that I wanted to see and placed the loose diamond in them so that we could see how it looked.

They both looked very nice and I did like them both. They were very different from each other and both were unique rings that I had never seen before. I am terrible at making decisions and it was hard for me to chose right then. I felt very pressured to make a choice because June had other people she still had to help. She never rushed me, but the crowd was making me feel closed in and uncomfortable.

June asked M which one he would have picked if he had come in alone and he picked the simpler ring. I decided that I had come in alone, I would have picked the fancier ring. (I have expensive tastes...I had a feeling that was going to become more and more apparent throughout the wedding planning.) So, we decided to go with that ring since it obviously the ring I loved.

June wrote up the order and told us the earliest we might have it was Saturday. And just like that, we had an engagement ring!

A few days later, when M went to pick it up, they gave him the appraisal. He told me the amount and I was shocked. I really did have expensive tastes! But, M paid less than half the appraised value. We lucked out on getting a gorgeous ring and a bargain price. I hoped that was one of many bargains we'd get for our wedding.

Here's a personal photo of the ring.


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