Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Family Pictures

Due to our church only doing weddings at 1:00 and our reception venue not being available until 4:00, we had what is commonly called "the Catholic gap." Our guests were warned that there would be some time between the ceremony and the reception on the invitations, so I trusted they could find some way to amuse themselves until it was time to party.

Meanwhile, we used this time to take all the pictures we didn't have time for before the ceremony. This was one of the reasons we did not do a first look as is becoming more and more popular. That, and I'm a stickler for tradition.

Our first order of picture taking business was family pictures at the church. I wanted to get these done so our families could go relax. I won't bore you with all the pictures that were taken, but I do want to show you a few special ones.

Had to get one of just us first. Isn't our church pretty?

3 generations - Me, my mom, and my grandma

My whole family.

M and Best Man A like to do this pose whenever somebody takes pictures of them. I allowed them this one if they posed nice for all the other pictures of the day.

M's whole family

We also took some bridal party pictures in front of the alter, but those are pretty standard, so I'll skip them and show you the fun ones we took next week. We also got pictures of all the siblings' families which we gave to them for Christmas presents. I made sure we got a picture of M's sister and her husband because they were married at the same church 20 years ago, but had a terrible photographer, so they had no pictures of them together on their wedding day!

One photo I totally forgot? A picture of just me in front of the alter. I have pictures of my grandma and my mom on their wedding days and I always wanted to do a display, but I totally blanked on getting a picture of me! I strongly encourage brides to make a list of pictures they must have. It will ensure you don't make the same mistake I did!

All photos by Amanda Fales Photography, who I promise does not take blurry, grainy photos. That's just Blogger messing up my beautiful high res photos. I'll be fixing that in my next Wedding Wednesday post.

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