Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Photo Challenge: Days 7-15

I've been taking my photo challenge photos, but I haven't shared them with you! Here's the next batch!

A quick trip to the grocery store after work helped me get this one.

I work retail, so I spend my day with clothes. Hanging them, folding them, cleaning up messes left by other people, etc. And just what is it about a perfectly folded table that makes people want to mess it up? So when I get home, the last thing I really want to do is deal with clothes. So the laundry piles up and doesn't get put away and often my clothes do just end up on the floor. Eventually I get sick of it and clean it up and the vow to keep it clean. And then it just starts all over again.

The husband and the fat cat.

Forgive the poor lighting. Our stairs are naturally very dark and I didn't open the blinds at the bottom. The butterflies were cross-stitched by my grandma and they hung just like this in her house for years. When we bought the house, my aunt sent me these since she knows I like butterflies and I just had to hang them just like they were in my grandma's house.

I admit that I got off track and forgot to take pictures everyday. I decided to try to make up some that I missed on a trip to the zoo last weekend. The peacock was resting in the barnyard area of the zoo and he very nicely posed while I took pictures of his beautiful coloring.

I took a nap this day and missed most of the sunset. Here's what I saw from our back step.

I got the urge to paint my nails, so here's a portion of nail polish collection.

From our trip to the zoo.

My favorite animal at our local zoo, the red panda. This one was very active and I got lots of cute pictures.


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  1. You look so close to the cheetah in the eyes picture!