Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Rings

Up next on my list of wedding details to share with you are our rings. I told you previously how we picked out my engagement ring, but I never shared how we got our wedding bands.

Since the store we bought my engagement ring closed, we had to look elsewhere for our wedding bands. We wanted to support a local business and were interested in some custom work, so we shopped around. We ended up doing business with a small local chain of jewelry stores called Athens Jewelers.

We worked with the manager of the store and had great customer service. I wanted a thin band with diamonds like the middle part of engagement ring. She was able to show me several different styles and even ordered some so that I could see them before buying. We ended up getting a great deal on my wedding band.

M really wanted a wedding band that mimicked my engagement ring. Athens does custom work in-house, so we were able to describe what we wanted and they made it for us. This is where the customer service started to lack. M's band was supposed to be done a couple weeks before our wedding (we procrastinated due to some budget issues.) We didn't end up getting the band until a few days before our wedding. I was not happy.

Then, we go to pick up the ring and it's not right. The diamonds were not set the way M wanted them AND they were crooked! The jeweler couldn't even set them straight! I was livid. There was no time to fix it before the wedding, so we took it. The manager promised that we could bring it back after the wedding, and it would be fixed.

Which we did and it was, but that never should have happened. We told them when our wedding was and they promised it could be done with plenty of time to spare. A couple days is not plenty of time to spare! And now, my wedding pictures are wrong! M's ring looks better than the pictures. This is why I didn't want a lot of ring pictures in our album. I didn't tell our photographers this story and they ended up using a picture of our rings on our pictured DVDs, so now I see them every time I want to look at our pictures. Not our photographers' fault, they didn't know.

Anyway, the pictures are pretty and my rings are nice, so here they are.


The rings came in these little boxes which were pretty cute.


See the diamonds on M's ring? He wanted them set into the ring and they are on top of the ring. They would have been damaged  like crazy in his line of work.


These are the pictures I like the most because you can't tell how crooked M's diamonds were. The rock that the rings are on in this picture is actually part of my mom's driveway. It's amazing how pretty good and creative photographers can make anything look!

Next week, pretty pretty flowers! Expect lots of pictures!

All photos by Amanda Fales Photography.


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