Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Ring Shopping Part 1

I'm going to start something new on the blog this week: Wedding Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I'll post about our wedding. I'll start with some planning posts and then I'll start recapping our wedding and eventually our honeymoon. I think this will be a fun way to blog about our wedding without turning this blog into a wedding only blog. Here we go...

When M and I had been dating for about 5 months, he dragged me to a local jewelry store. I felt it was entirely too soon to be looking at rings, even if I did know that I wanted to marry him. M rationalized that he needed to know what I liked so that when it was time to buy, he would get what I wanted. M is adamant that we support local businesses at much as possible and this store was his first choice, so I decided to humor him.

We went to the store, looked around, and were helped by a very nice woman named June. At that time, I picked out a princess cut diamond solitaire with channel set diamonds on a white gold band. June let M know what it would cost and what he could get financed. At this point, I actually had to talk M out of buying anything. (This later turned out to be a very good thing!) Again, I felt it was too soon and I was insistent that I not know when he bought the ring. I have no patience and if I knew there was a ring, I would be on pins and needles until it was on my finger. I reminded M that I did not want to see a ring until Christmas at the earliest and we left without buying anything. We did promise June that we would be back.

Fast forward to November. M must have had rings on the mind. One day, while waiting for me to get ready, he pulled up the local jewelry store's website. It doesn't have much content and mostly links to companies that make diamond rings. I just shook my head and figured this was a clue that he would be going shopping soon.

On our way out the door, I flipped through the mail and noticed a flier from the jewelry store. They were closing! This came as a shock since the website didn't mention this news. Since they were going out of business, they would be having a huge sale. They would reopen the next Thursday and prices would be slashed up to 70% off.

I knew that M and I had to check out this sale. I told him that we would be there when the doors opened and began praying that we could get a good deal.


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