Monday, June 10, 2013

Week in Review

Oops I'm a little late on this one! I could lie and say I've been very busy today, but since I'm technically between jobs right now, I'm on "vacation" and being pretty lazy.  But, I'm here now, so let's look at last week!


Last week was the last four days of school and I was scheduled to work on Monday. It was a good day, but by the time I got home, I was mentally just done with the school year and ready to be on summer break. I figured I was safe since I've never worked the last few days of the school year and made some plans for the week.

Would you know it, my job scheduler called me that evening. Want to work Wednesday? As in the second to last day of school? What!? Apparently there was a teacher or two who for some reason just figured out that they had personal days that weren't going to roll over. 180 days in the school year and you wait until day 176 to figure that out? I had plans so I turned it down. I didn't feel too bad about that because I know what those kids would've been like that day. No thanks!

I did tell her that I'd be available Tuesday, but she didn't call me.


Due to my husband taking his vacation the wrong week of June and my new job's training schedule, we decided to celebrate our 3 year anniversary a week early with a trip to the zoo. We typically go to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan, but this year we decided to go to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

We hadn't been there together ever. And I haven't been there for five years. They did some remodeling in that time and added a giraffe feeding which is the main reason we to Binder Park. Plus, it's closer to home, so less driving and since gas in Indiana is up over $4 right now, that was a nice bonus.

I'll post pictures and more details about our day at the zoo later. I haven't edited the pictures yet. (Mostly because I forgot about them.) We'll celebrate our anniversary this week on the actual date with dinner and dessert.

The only other highlight of the week was cleaning our porch on Thursday. Which really just meant spraying down the whole thing. It gets pretty gross thanks to the traffic. All that exhaust every day builds up on things. I plan to go back and really scrub the railings later and I have plans to wash all the windows soon.


Our other excited happened overnight Saturday. We live on the main route to the hospital, so we hear sirens a lot and mostly just ignore them. But when it becomes obvious that the sirens did not just drive by, we get a little curious. We were still up watching TV when we realized that there were fire trucks down the block. Something was on fire, but we couldn't see anything. All along our street people came out and gawked. We never did figure out what caught fire, but we sure did smell it.

How was your week?


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