Monday, June 17, 2013

Week in Review

The highlight of last week was that I finally started my summer job!

I had training on Wednesday and it was the first time I met my coworkers. I haven't said much about my job because prior to the training, I really didn't know much about it. I am working as a day camp leader for the city's park and recreation department. Yes, I get to work for a Parks & Rec department in Indiana. Sadly, Ron Swanson does not work here.

Anyway, we had training on Wednesday, which I knew about and also on Thursday, which I did not find out about until Wednesday. Thanks for the advanced notice! Fortunately, I did not have plans. I met my coworkers, we made some vague plans, and i feel unprepared, but we'll see what happens! First day of camp is today.

Wednesday was also our 3rd wedding anniversary. We celebrated with pizza from our rehearsal dinner restaurant (our wedding was catered by a catering company that doesn't have a restaurant) and cupcakes. We tried to get cupcakes from our wedding cake baker, but he was already sold out when M got there in the afternoon. Instead we had cupcakes from the grocery store.

Friday, I had to go bathing suit shopping. Not my idea of fun, but on Thursday I was informed that when we take our campers to the city pool, we have to wear swimsuits too even if we don't plan on getting in the water. It's just in case we have to get in for any reason. I own swimsuits, but I'm not comfortable wearing them in public mostly because I hate my thighs. So a new suit was in order and luckily I found something I'm comfortable in and got it for a great deal.

The weekend was low key. I tried to plan for camp, but since I've never done this before and haven't met the campers yet, I'm flying blind. Crossing my fingers this goes well!

How was your week?


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