Monday, September 16, 2013

Week in Review

I really need to get better about writing these posts throughout the week. Then, I might actually get it posted in a timely manner and I might actually remember what I did during the week!

Last week was an interesting one around here. I ended up working 3 days, all of them half days. I had a funny moment while teaching kindergarten on Tuesday. We were playing color/shape bingo and I called blue diamond. One of the little boys started singing Rhianna's Diamonds quietly to himself and I couldn't help but laugh. It was too cute!

I took Wednesday off to celebrate M's birthday. We had plans to go to the zoo, but we both were battling a bit of a stomach bug, so we postponed that trip to Thursday. We did celebrate his birthday with pizza from our favorite local Italian restaurant, cake, and gifts.

Since we were both feeling better on Thursday and neither of us had to work, we headed up to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan. It was my third zoo of the summer, fourth zoo visit of the summer, and the third time I fed a giraffe this summer. We had fun and I think I got some good photos. I still haven't uploaded them to the computer and I still have pictures from two previous zoo visits to share, but I'll get to them some time soon!

The weekend was spent running some errands and doing some family things. 

How was your week?


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