Friday, December 13, 2013

Four for Friday

1. I'm not sure what's up with this school year, but I'm sick for the second time since school started. Usually, my body is pretty good at fighting off the germs the kids have after years working in schools and the general public. And once again, this illness just knocked me off my feet. So far, it's just been fever and a congested nose, but it was enough to have me on the couch for a couple days. There's a stomach bug going around the school, so I'm praying I don't pick that one up too!

2. Christmas shopping is almost done. I only have a couple more things to get and I'll be done. Wrapping has not even started and that's stressing me out. I've also only baked one batch of cookies. I need to do more, but finding the energy and desire to do it while sick is not happening.

3. I'm already tired of snow. I hate snow. I hate cold. This time of year always makes me question why I ever left Florida.

4. Christmas cards are here and addressed, but I need more stamps. Yet another thing to buy and the bank account is already groaning. I'm also surprised that we haven't gotten any cards yet this year. I love finding those in the mailbox.

How's life been treating you lately?

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