Monday, December 2, 2013

Week in Review

 What a busy week! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate.

It was a short week for school and I was really looking forward to having some days off. I did end up working the two days we did have school last week. Both days went well and I actually got to go to different schools for once.

On Wednesday, I prepared for the two Thanksgiving dinners we were attending. I had several things to bake as I am the dessert girl of the family as well as a side dish to prepare. I ended up making Texas Sheet Cake for the first time and it was awesome! And I learned that I can make icing from scratch successfully.

I also made my signature mini chocolate chip cheesecakes. I bought enough ingredients to make another batch for Christmas, but I may just make them and send them into work with M because I'm getting burnt out on them and want to try other things. Or maybe I can find a different cheesecake that uses the same ingredients. I'm sure Pinterest will have ideas!

On Thursday, M and I had dinner with my mom and grandma. This worked out well because my mom lives near M's store and he had to be there at 7:30 for their 8:00 opening. (No, I was not thrilled with this.) He ended up napping after dinner for a few hours. And due to his crazy schedule, I basically only saw him awake and not at work for about 4 hours in a 24 hour period.

My mom and I did end up going out to check out the Black Friday sales on Thursday night. We waited until 10:00 for the crowds to thin out. We only went to a few stores and it wasn't terrible. We visited M at his store and I scored some good deals for gifts.

On Friday, we did Thanksgiving with M's family. I spent a lot of time playing bowling and archery on the Wii in addition to visiting with family.

Over the weekend, I got out the Christmas decorations and began to decorate the house. I'm hoping to get the tree up today. I should have started baking Christmas cookies, but after all that baking I just did for Thanksgiving, I wasn't in the mood. Hopefully, I'll be in the mood to bake next weekend. The late Thanksgiving has totally screwed up my Christmas baking timeline.

Luckily, we have a couple days off of school before Christmas, so hopefully I can get everything done. We're hosting Christmas this year for M's family on Christmas eve, so I have a lot to accomplish in the next 22 days!

How was your week?


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