Monday, December 23, 2013

Stressing Out

I would've had a real blog post lately, but I've been to busy being sick and trying not to stress out over Christmas. That last part is not going so well.

We're hosting Christmas with my in-laws tomorrow and I am so not ready. The house isn't fully clean yet, I gave up on baking more cookies, and I haven't started preparing my dishes for tomorrow.

And to top it all off? We have a sewer back up on our block. My basement has water and God knows what else all over the floor right now and I can't use our water. No toilet, no shower, no sink. So all those things I need to do? Are not happening.

I'm trying not to cry and trying to imagine I'm on a tropical island far away from this mess. It's not helping.

On the plus side, all the presents are wrapped!

How are your Christmas preparations going?


1 comment:

  1. I have some baking to do tomorrow but thankfully the presents are wrapped. The part of the house that guests will be in is clean. haha I'm feeling less anxious than I did this morning about everything being done.
    Merry Christmas!!