Sunday, April 5, 2015

2015 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Wish List

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This week, I'm making my trip to the annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale next week. The sale is crowded and chaotic, so it helps to go prepared. I like to make a wish list of items to look for first before I attempt to browse the rest of the sale.

Today, I'm sharing with you my Vera Bradley Outlet Sale wish list.


In 2013, I picked up a Glenna in Island Blooms and I loved it. Last year, I picked up one in Olivia Pink to carry in fall and winter. I really love this style. It's big enough to hold everything I like to carry, it has 2 generous pockets on the outside, and the strap is the perfect length. This year, I want to get one in Ribbons, since that is my favorite pattern.


I really wanted to get one of these last year, but I only want one in Ribbons, which was not available. I'm hoping it will be there this year. I drink water all day out of tumblers, so I'd love to have a Vera Bradley one.

Colorful Hair Clips

Last year, I picked some of these up in Go Wild. I'm still kicking myself for not buying more than one pack. I used them all summer to help keep my hair up in a ponytail for summer camp. I'd like to get some in Flower Shower and maybe another pattern.

Emily Satchel

Even though I love my Glenna, I'd like to check out this style too. It is very similar in size to the Genna, but it is divided into compartments on the inside.

Bubble Umbrella

I just really love this style of umbrella. I'm a sucker for a cute umbrella and this one would be handy for when it's raining at school dismissal and I'm walking the kids to the buses.

Of course, I have other items I'm interested in getting, but unless the price is right, they aren't as important as these items. Check out my wish list on Pinterest to see more of what I'm wishing for!

What's on your Vera Bradley wish list?


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  1. Hope you're enjoying your day at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne Indiana. I love your blog and all the information you share! This will be my 4th year at the Vera Bradley Sale. I make it a girls day out with my daughter in law and my mom!