Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pinterest Sunday

Time for my weekly Pinterest roundup! Every Sunday, I share with you a few of my favorite finds from the previous week.

Sadly, I didn't pin much this week. It was a bit crazy at work this week, so by the time I got home, I didn't spend much time on the computer.

First up, I'm dying to cut my hair and I really like this style.

I want to donate my hair since I've put so much work into growing it out, but I don't have enough to donate yet. As of now, I'm planning on cutting it off for my 30th birthday, which gives me another 10 months to keep growing.

Next, some cuteness just in time for Spring.

I love little bunnies! Unfortunately, I don't think our cats would enjoying having a bunny hopping around the house.

Finally, if you have been following my Pinterest posts, you know I'm obsessed with Ikea spice rack bookshelves.
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

I just love it! We're planning on making a trip to Ikea next month and I think I'll be grabbing a couple of these while we're there!


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