Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Dress Shopping Take 3

We only had four more bridal salons to in the area to check out. If the dress wasn't found at one of these, I'd have to start looking at stores that were more than an hour away. I don't really remember when I went to the various salons, so I'll just tell you about them.

First up, a small boutique in a strip mall. Let's call it P Boutique. The store was quite small with one wall dedicated to bridal gowns. My mom and I were not very impressed. The sales girls stood talking at the counter and just let us look. I think I might have tried on one dress, but it didn't deserve pictures if I did. We struck out here. (This store has since moved to a better location and is the store where my brother's fiancee found her dress.)

Next up, A's Bridal. It was set in a new shopping center not far from the mall. It was a nice large store, but selection? Try very little! The owner waited on us and she only had a handful of bridal dresses. I knew the place had opened recently, but it was sad. I tried on a few dresses to be nice, but none of them were "the one." (This store has since closed.)

Next, we have B Boutique. We headed here one Saturday morning without an appointment. (Note that I hadn't had an appointment for any of the previous dress shopping trips.) This store previously did not even take appointments and had recently begun accepting them, but there ad's didn't say they were necessary. Well, that Saturday morning, they were. We were told to come back later that afternoon. I was annoyed because if you needed an appointment, why not just say it in your ad? I was so annoyed, that I didn't really want to go back, but my bridesmaids and mom convinced me. Boy, was I glad I did!

The store is very nice with a fabulous selection of dresses. There are dresses everywhere! The salesladies were very nice and helpful. They let us go through the dresses and pull ones that I wanted to try. When I had a good selection of dresses, I was led to a spacious dressing room and my bridal consultant helped me get them on. I was a little nervous about having somebody help me get dressed, but my consultant was so nice that I soon got over it and it seemed pretty normal. Plus, some of those dresses are hard to get into! Here are some pictures of what I tried on...

I don't remember the designer of this dress...I think it may have been Allure as I like many of their dresses. Anyone know?  I loved that it was all tulle. It was very light and floaty, but I didn't want strapless and it just didn't have enough bling for me. This was choice number two.

Choice number one?
Casablanca 1930! Yes, the very first dress I ever tried on! I really loved this dress, but something was holding me back on declaring it "the one."

I tried on other dresses, but they either didn't deserve pictures, or they were lost in the great computer crash that happened in the middle of wedding planning. (Back up your wedding planning files!)

Our last bridal salon was G's. I made an appointment and we headed over there one Saturday to see if they had anything different. I told the consultant what I was looking for and she pulled some dresses she thought would work and I pulled some dresses that looked interesting. I tried on a number of dresses and found a new choice number 2. Sadly, pictures are lost.

Then, my consultant pulled out a dress she had picked. Casablanca 1930! I stood there in the Casablanca 1930 comparing it to the other dress. The consultant asked me what didn't like about the 1930 and I finally figured out what was bothering me.  The halter neck. I don't like halters because it feels like it's pulling on my neck and the 1930 is not a light dress! The other dress had regular straps.

The consultant informed me that that was an easy fix. Casablanca will change the dress for a small price. Suddenly, my dress could look like this...

It was so perfect, I actually teared up! No more dress shopping, this is THE ONE!

In the end, I ordered my dress from B Boutique. The dress was cheaper than G's and they offered some nice benefits for ordering from them. I got a free veil or headpiece (It was a credit up to a certain price, so I ended up only paying $25 for my veil.) Plus, my maids got a discount for ordering their dresses from B. Casablanca made the change from halter to straps for $50 more and I had my perfect dress!


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