Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Dress Rejects

I found the "lost" pictures from the last few rounds of dress shopping! I wanted to share them because I see that some readers are finding my blog by searching for specific dresses. I know when I was dress shopping, I would rather see a dress on a real bride instead of those angry looking 14 year olds that wedding designers use as models.

So, here a few dresses that didn't make the cut!

Allure 2216 - Sadly, it's been so long since I shopped for a wedding dress, that I can't remember exactly what I didn't like about each dress. This one was strapless, which I was really trying to avoid though. (and let's ignore the awkward face, please!)

Casablanca 1875 - Halter, which you know I didn't like much. Also, no tulle which I LOVE. Skirt was just too plain for me, I think.

Casablanca 1899 - I think this one had definite potential. Lots of pretty lace and great straps. It also has a pretty train. I think this one was in my top 5 for sure.

Unknown designer - Strapless which I didn't want and the skirt wasn't full enough.
 Unknown designer - One of my bridesmaids picked this one out. I really don't like the look of pick-up skirts. I felt like I had a down comforter around my waist!

Maggie Sottero Lily - I really liked that Maggie Sottero dresses have lace up backs. It made trying them on nice because they would actually close unlike zipper dresses. Plus, they did fabulous things for the waist. Sadly, the Maggie dresses that I was interested in were out of my budget, so I didn't try on many. This dress was pretty, but the skirt wasn't full enough for my tastes.

Unknown designer - This skirt was too full! I really though I'd have a hard time getting down the aisle with this one. Plus, you can't see it, but it was strapless.

Unknown designer - Very pretty dress! Loved the lace and the skirt. Hated that it was strapless. 

Remember last week when I told you that I ultimately had to decide between Casablanca 1930 and another dress? This is that dress!
Unknown designer - Can you see how similar this dress is to my 1930? Loved the lace, loved the tulle, loved the sash. Ultimately, I just liked the look of the 1930 better, but this was definitely choice #2!

Please leave me a comment if you happen to known designers and/or styles of any of the dresses. I would love to know what they are. Especially, my second choice dress!

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  1. 1930 and the last dress are beautiful! if you ever find out the name and designer of the last dress please post!