Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

I don't have the energy to do a full blog post at the moment, so I thought I'd just share a little random rambling.

I've subbed 4 times now in 2 weeks for the same kindergarten class. The teacher has been having some doctors appointments. She actually requested me the fourth time because she thinks I'm doing a good job with her class. They're a very spirited and talkative group and I can see how it would be frustrating to a sub, but they remind me a lot of my first class when I taught in Florida.

It was really awesome that she requested me and hopefully she'll continue to do so because I really do like that class. The funny thing is the teacher is actually the aunt of one of my childhood friends. She knew me growing up and didn't recognize me with my new last name. Once she figured it out though, she was excited to find out that she actually knew me.

I was nearly attacked by a squirrel this afternoon. After work, I came home and decided to put some bird food in my bird feeder since I've been hearing more and more birds lately.

I sat down on the back step and started pouring the seed into the feeder. I heard a noise and looked up to see a squirrel only two feet away from me. I'm not afraid of squirrels, but man that freaked me out! Usually they are shy and don't approach people, but this one was very bold. I threw some seed, thinking he would run away, but instead he just went for the stuff I had spilled on our patio while I yelled at him to leave me alone!

I didn't think he'd attack me, but I was afraid that me might decide to climb up my leg for more birdseed. I went back up the steps and finished filling the feeder while he sat on the patio and started up the steps. I quickly put up the bird feeder in the yard and ran back into the house. I tried to take a picture of him, but every time I poked my head outside, he headed for me! He finally gave up and ran to our neighbors' yard.

Now I'm going to have to keep an eye out anytime I go outside for an overly friendly squirrel!


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