Monday, February 18, 2013

Week in Review

My friend Trish, over at Everyday Trish, does a post about her week every Monday. I like the way she uses humor and pictures to talk about her week. It's a great way to keep readers up-to-date. Since I love this idea and I always enjoy reading Trish's posts, I decided to adopt this idea for my own blog. Clearly, Trish and I just need to start a link-up or something.


I taught 3rd grade in the morning in a very organized and cute classroom. It was obviously heavily influenced by Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers. I love seeing that stuff in action. I then taught 1st grade in the afternoon and we had a birthday party. It's nice to see that classroom birthday parties haven't changed much since I was a kid. We ate cupcakes and then played Heads Up 7-Up. Fun!


I went to the eye doctor for a follow-up appointment. After a week of antibiotic eye drops, my eye is finally healed!  My cornea got scratched for the hundredth time when I had pink eye back in December and it never fully healed. But now I'm all better and I just have to keep putting in ointment at night and hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon.


I taught Kindergarten for the day. It was a really sweet class who enjoyed giving me compliments all day long. Seriously, all day I heard things like, "I like your shirt." "I like your glasses." "I like your hair." "You're pretty." Nothing like six year olds to give you a confidence boost.

Bonus cat picture because I don't have kid to show off yet.

Valentine's Day. I didn't have to work and it was M's day off. He wasn't feeling well though, so we mostly just sat on the couch watching TV and playing on our laptops. I did get a Valentine's gift of my favorite ice cream though. Strawberry Shortcake!


I was supposed to get my hair cut in the morning, but my stylist had to reschedule due to a family emergency. I went to Target for my traditional day after a holiday clearance run. I managed to spend more than I planned, but everything was on clearance or I had a coupon. So really, I saved a bunch of money.

I also sucked it up and did our taxes. I was scared because we actually owed on last year's taxes, but this year went much better. We actually get a refund. When I told M how much we were getting back, he said we could go on vacation. I laughed. More like pay the mortgage, buddy. But it might help us get up to Minnesota to visit a certain someone and their cute baby.


I had to get up way early for a Saturday to get my hair cut, so clearly I required doughnuts to make it better.

 I dragged M out shopping because I need work pants and he needs work shoes. Instead, we came home with only a Batman t-shirt for him. I ended up having to order online from Old Navy because they don't have the pants I like in-store anymore and the sweater I really wanted was sold out in-store.


We went to Mass in the morning and then I convinced M that we needed to have pancakes for brunch. We had a lazy day of playing on our laptops and watching TV.

How was your week?


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