Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Love Wednesday: The Usuals

Today's post was inspired by a post I recently read on Kimberly Michelle. Kim discussed how she always orders the same thing at various restaurants that she visits, while her husband will eat whatever.

As I was reading her post, I found myself smiling and nodding along. I am definitely a creature of habit. I'm pretty sure anybody who knows me could easily go to a restaurant and order for me. My husband is the same way although he is much more picky than I am and his usuals vary from mine.

Inspired by Kim, I decided to write down my "usual" orders.

Quarter Pounder Meal or Chicken McNuggets Meal w/ Sweet & Sour sauce
Taco Bell
Soft Tacos (no lettuce) Nachos & Cheese
Chicken Nuggets meal w/ Lemonade, Polynesian Sauce, & Honey Mustard Sauce
Soft Tacos w/ chicken & cheese only, Chips w/ green salsa
Single w/ cheese meal w/ fries
Olive Garden
Cheese Ravioli w/ marinara sauce
Chicken Crispers or Half Rack of Ribs
Steak n Shake
Double Steakburger w/ cheese, fries, & a dark chocolate shake
Texas Roadhouse
Chicken Critters or 6 oz Filet w/ green beans & steak fries

These aren't even all my usuals, just a handful. My mom makes fun of me for always eating the same thing, but I like what I get and we don't eat out often enough for me to get tired of anything.

So what about you? Do you order the same thing all the time or are you adventurous and try new things? What's your "usual?"


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