Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sherlock - Favorite Main Character

Today's Sherlock topic is favorite main character. If you are a regular reader of my blog, it should probably come as no surprise that my favorite main character is Sherlock himself.

 He is after all, played by my favorite actor in the whole world, Benedict Cumberbatch, who I've gushed about before on this blog. I'm a sucker for those cheekbones, the curls, the smile, and of course, that voice.

But the show isn't about Benedict, it's about Sherlock. I like Sherlock's straight-forward attitude and his general lack of social normities. He does what he needs to to solve a case and doesn't much care if anybody's feelings get hurt or he oversteps boundaries. One of my favorite things is when he just looks at somebody and can tell you everything about them without asking a single question.

I love his friendship with John and the special relationship he has with Mrs. Hudson. I even enjoy watching his interactions with Mycroft and Moriarty. I like the way he insults people because he has no idea how to humble and I love the way that he's not perfect. He has many faults and they are very often on display, but they are what make this genius just a little more human.

I'll end with one of my favorite scenes that doesn't give too much away. (Keep in mind, in the UK, pants = underwear. So much funnier when you know that bit!)

And that scene leads to this bit of awesomeness later:

Who is your favorite main character?


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