Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Social

                                                                  Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Happy Easter! 
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Sunday Social

Favorite type of work out to do? 

Uh, does lifting a spoonful of ice cream to my mouth count?

I'm really not a workout kind of girl, so when I do actually do something, I want something that doesn't feel like working out. I like to do Just Dance on the Wii. Sometimes I feel like doing Yoga and I have a DVD for that. Occasionally, I feel like punishing myself and do the 30 Day Shred. I might get inspired and join in on doing the 30 Day Shred everyday in April.

Favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet? 

Just about anything chocolate is good. I've been on a Kit Kat kick lately.

What is one thing you continuously forget to do? 

A lot of things! Unless it's in front of my face, I often forget to do things. I constantly forget about my laundry and it sits in the washer for a couple hours. 

Posts its or phone reminders? Why? 

Post-Its all the way. Again, they have to be in my face for me to remember things and I can stick Post-Its where I'm sure to see them.

Favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile

I don't have kids, so I'm the crazy cat lady who is constantly taking pictures of her cats doing cute things. But when it's these two cuties, how can I resist? Their love of boxes is pretty amusing.



  1. I had a cat, Siamese named Bruiser, growing up. He LOVED boxes. What is it with cats and boxes? They make me laugh!

  2. 30 day shred would be the last thing i did if i wanted to do something that didnt feel liek working out aha. jill is tough. zumba is good for that sort of thing though.. its just like im dancing..i kinda like that.

    totally forget about laundry too.. for hours.