Monday, May 6, 2013

Week In Review


I didn't work and I didn't leave the house, so I'm sure many exciting things happened.


I had to teach second grade in the afternoon. I had recess duty, but luckily the weather was beautiful and I enjoyed some sunshine while the kids ran around.

I also got to the do the new Vera Bradley survey. Exciting!


I had to teach third grade in the afternoon which led to me watching them take a session of the state mandated test for an hour. Easy, but so boring.

After work, we took our weekly trip to the library. Instead of going to the main branch downtown like we usually do though, we went to a different, smaller branch. Although their DVD selection was much smaller, I was able to score some newer DVDs that are always out at the main branch. Might have to make the trip over there more often.


 Another day off. Again, I'm sure amazing things happened. I just can't remember any of them. Oh, I know! We weeded the side flower bed. See, exciting!


I taught first grade for the class of a girl I went to high school with. She left me a note on the lesson plans and called me Jenny. I forget that people outside my family called me that once upon a time. It was a good class and we had a good day.


M had to work overnight and I didn't get to watch Doctor Who. We did go to mass and I had to resist the urge to ask the teenager in front of me to sit still for 2 minutes and keep his hands above his waist, if you know what I mean. I asked for hand sanitizer after the sign of peace.

I spent the evening watching/reading The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I can't believe I just now discovered this!


We got to make our somewhat monthly trip to Sam's Club. It was very exciting. We always seem to have a cart full of not so healthy things and then I throw a 10lb bag of oranges in the cart in the end and that makes it OK. To be fair, this time we did get a few non-food items like a mop and razor blades. We like to live on the edge.

I also got to watch Doctor Who. I loved the episode! By far, the best one of the second part of the season. Of course, I'd gladly watch a Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax spin-off any day!

How was your week?


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