Monday, May 27, 2013

Week in Review

 Last week wasn't very exciting, so I'll just stick to the highlights again. I like this format for now, but I might go back to the daily stuff in the summer when I'll actually be doing stuff.

I worked three days last week which was pretty good for only have 3 weeks of school left. I could have had four days, but had to take a day off for an appointment.

The appointment? I had to take a drug test for my summer job. I've never had to do a drug test before. I drank a ton of water before my appointment and then they made me sit in the waiting room for half an hour. Torture!

Since I had the day off and M had the day off, we had a movie date after my test. We went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. It was good! Of course, I highly enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch's performance.

Sunday, we got together my in-laws to celebrate Memorial Day a little early. I learned how to play Risk, we had fun, and lots of yummy food.

 How was your week?

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