Monday, January 13, 2014

Week in Review

What a week! The Polar Vortex hit and suddenly all plans for the week were changed.

 Monday was my birthday and any plans I thought I had were thrown out thanks to Mother Nature. We ended up with at least foot of snow and temperatures well under zero. We ended up under a state of emergency and were forced to stay inside all day. And our nephew was down for the weekend and ended up trapped at our house.

However, I still managed to have a pretty good day. We tried out the waffle maker I got for Christmas and had waffles for breakfast. We pretty much just watched TV and movies all day and enjoyed having a snow day. And my husband was super smart and picked up cupcakes before the snow hit.

On Tuesday, the travel restrictions were lifted, so M was able to go to work. We still didn't have school, so I wasn't going anywhere. Our nephew was able to leave in the evening.

Finally on Wednesday, I left the house. I was getting some cabin fever after being forced to stay inside for 3 days. My mom took me out to lunch and we did some shopping. It was the third day of no school and I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever go back.

We did finally go back to school on Thursday. Of course, just to make it interesting, we had a 2-hour delay. But since I was working that day, I didn't mind! I taught a 2nd grade class and I thought they did a great job considering it was their first day back after 2 and half weeks off. The roads still weren't great and even though I left the house early, I still got to work at my usual time. I hate driving in the winter.

Friday, I spent the morning teaching my favorite kindergarten class. I meant to come home and work on taking down the Christmas decorations, but instead I ended up sleeping on the couch when I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

I also meant to take down the Christmas decorations over the weekend, but only took down a few things. I'm not motivated because I don't want Christmas to be over. Instead, I did important things like watch the last episode of Sherlock series 3 (OH MY GOD! So, so, so good!) and watch the Golden Globes. I also managed to do a load of laundry, so go me.

How was your week?


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