Monday, January 27, 2014

Week in Review

Oh winter, will you ever end? Or at the very least, let up a little? I think I might have to start a countdown to spring to cope with this weather.

Let's take a look at last week...


Thanks to various factors, I only worked one half day last week. It was a third grade class full of students I already knew thanks to previous years of subbing.

We didn't have school Monday due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Wednesday I had an appointment. I was supposed to work Thursday, but Mother Nature decided we needed round 2 of the polar vortex and we didn't have school. We then also did not have school on Friday.

That makes 5 days this month we've not had school due to the weather. And that's not counting today and I'm sure tomorrow since the high is below zero. So it's probably a good thing we started school a week earlier than usual because we're going to have at least a week's worth of days to makeup come June.


Life was pretty quiet last week thanks to that polar vortex. M was on vacation from work, but I was supposed to be working, so we didn't have any plans. We did go get health screenings done on Wednesday for the insurance company. Turns out, I have really good cholesterol numbers, so that was good news.


Other than the visit to the clinic, the only trips I made out into the frozen tundra was to go to the grocery store a couple times. For some reason, being stuck inside is making me want to cook and bake. I baked cookies Saturday night and of course, now I can't stop eating them. This is why I avoid having sweets in the house.

I did take the rack of ribs out of the freezer to thaw and I'll make BBQ sauce tomorrow so I can throw those in the crock-pot for Tuesday. With a high in the negative digits, a nice hot meal is definitely in order.

How was your week?

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