Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2014 Wishlist

As I said yesterday, I'm making my trip to the annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale next week. The sale is crowded and chaotic, so it helps to go prepared. I like to make a wishlist of items to look for first before I attempt to browse the rest of the sale.

Today, I'm sharing with you my Vera Bradley Outlet Sale wishlist.

Vera Bradley Glenna

Last year, I picked up a Glenna in Island Blooms and I carried it all summer. I really love this purse. It's a great size to hold everything I like to carry and has plenty of pockets inside and out. I'm hoping to get one in Ribbons.


I wear a lanyard every day at work in both my school year job and my summer job. I'd like to pick up another one for some variety. Again, I'm hoping for Ribbons, but I won't be too picky with this one.

Lunch Sack

My old Vera Bradley lunch bag is too small and since I take my lunch to work all the time, I really need a new one. I think this style is the best for my needs, but I'll probably take a look at all of the styles available. Again, Ribbons is my preferred pattern, but as long as it's not something really ugly, I probably won't be very picky.

Flip Flops

Two years ago, I was able to find a pair of flip flops in my size and a pattern I liked. Last year, my size was nearly impossible to find. I'm not holding my breath that I'll find some this year, but I'll try.


Since the tumblers came out last year, I'm not even sure they'll be at the Outlet Sale, but if they are, I'd like to get one. I drink water all day out of tumblers, so I'd love to have a Vera Bradley one.

Of course, I have other items I'm interested in getting, but unless the price is right, they aren't as important as these items. Check out my wishlist on Pinterest to see more of what I'm wishing for!

My shopping buddy, Trish, shared her wishlist for the sale too and be sure to check out her Pinterest board as well!

What's on your Vera Bradley wishlist?

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