Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week In Review


Things got a little quiet around here thanks to my new, very busy work schedule. Last week was our first week back from spring break and our first week of extended school days. We added an hour to every day to help make up snow days. Some days, I don't really notice the extra time and some days, it just seems to drag on.

I worked every day last week and between the longer days and getting up earlier, in addition to my at home duties, I was exhausted each day. I'm working at going to bed at reasonable times as well as packing my lunch the night before and picking out my clothes.


At the last minute, it was decided that we would be hosting Easter at our house this year. This meant a few days of frantic cleaning and organizing, in addition to grocery shopping and food preparing. Luckily, we didn't have school on Friday.

M and I went to the Passion service on Good Friday for the first time this year. It was a very moving service, but longer than I thought it would be.

We hosted M's family on Sunday. It was a good day of eating and playing games. And I finally got to eat some chocolate and have a Coke (or two.) Now that I can have chocolate again, I'm back to eat ALL the chocolate! I have no willpower. I even went and bought some clearance Easter candy.

I'm working every day again this week, so we'll see if I manage to post again soon. Wish me luck!


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