Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: An Amazing Wedding

You guys, work wore me out. I've been sleeping the better part of the day and I still need to do some yard work and hit the grocery store.

And, trying to figure out exactly what happened during our Nuptial Mass is making my head hurt, so sorry, but I'm not in the mood to deal with this today. I did go through the guest videos and I will be uploading them to YouTube so I can share them on future posts. So, yay, there will be some videos!

(Part of the problem stems from our priest not discussing the Mass with us prior to the wedding. What I wrote in the program and what he said are different and it makes me sad that it happened that way. So, I'm trying to decide how much of the text to use exactly and trying not to get even more frustrated with that man.)

Instead, of reading about my wedding today, I highly encourage you to visit the blog of amazing photographers Bobbi & Mike. Their post today is amazing and highly emotional. I teared up as I read it and I dare you not to as well.

Please read about Emily and Matt's wedding here!


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