Monday, January 24, 2011

Living Social

By now, I'm sure you all know about the wonderful website, Groupon. (I'm so excited that they finally have Groupons for a city local to me!) But, do you know about Living Social

Living Social is a lot like Groupon.  Every day, deals are offered for various cities around the country. But unlike Groupon, the deal is available without a certain number of people buying it first.  And, my favorite feature, if you tell your friends about the deal and 3 of them buy it, yours is free!  You just buy the deal, tweet/Facebook/email your personal link and then wait for 3 people to buy the deal through your link.

Living Social offers deals on local restaurants, spas, theaters, bars and more.  In just this past week, I've bought 2 Living Social deals.  Last Wednesday, they offered a $20 credit to Amazon for just $10.  Even my husband took advantage of that one.  The next day, they offered $20 at a local pizza place for just $10.  My friend T and I both bought it and we're going to do a double date night. 

Be sure to check out Living Social if you are looking for great local deals! 

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