Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I Did on My Winter Vacation

Fortunately, I'm good about budgeting our vacation days so I get the most for my time off. With one week of vacation and 2 personal days left, the husband and I have been on vacation since Jan. 6 and don't go back until Monday. It has been wonderful and I am trying very hard not to think about Monday. So, here's a few highlights of what we've been up to the past week.

Thurs. Jan. 6
My birthday as I shared previously. We had a low key day at home taking down the Christmas decorations. The husband took me out for dinner to Texas Roadhouse and he got me a cake from our favorite local baker.

Is it cute?

Even the side was cute!

Friday Jan. 7
Another low key day with cleaning house.  My mom and grandma came over to celebrate my birthday.  I asked for pizza from one of my favorite local pizza places.  I got some great gifts like this:


I also got the lunch size plates in this collection:

Tues. Jan. 11
We took a road trip to Ikea!  The closest Ikea is 2.5 hours away, but so worth the trip!  We picked up some new goodies for our house like these:

This is our new side table in our living room.  It matches our coffee table that we bought at Ikea last July.  Technically, it's a children's table, but since Ikea doesn't make a end table that matches our coffee table, we repurposed it.

I finally have a nightstand on my side of the bed!  I love having drawers to put my stuff in instead of having it on the floor.  It's nice not to trip over books in the morning. This matches the dresser we got last July as well.  I'm also proud to say that I put this one together by myself!

I picked this up for our "mantle." I can't wait to show you all the ways I'm going to use it.

We also made a trip to the Vera Bradley outlet which I was very excited about, but I ended up leaving very disappointed.  I didn't even buy anything!  It was much smaller than I anticipated and the selection was quite small.  They didn't even have the style that I was looking for and I didn't find anything in my pattern.  It's not worth a special trip and I would probably only go again if we were making a trip to Ikea. I'll save my money for the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in April.

Friday Jan. 14
I put out what little Valentine's Day decorations I have.  I really must get some more stuff!  I had a fun girls only night with my friend T.  We hit up Five Guys for some yummy burgers and fries and then did a little shopping.  I got to try Just Dance at her place and now I'm going to buy it using some Amazon credits I've got.  It's really fun and definitely a workout!

Sat. Jan. 15
Today, the husband and I hit up stores.  I was in search of cute Valentine's Day decor, but sadly did not find anything at the few stores I went to.  I did find a couple of good deals at Old Navy though thanks to their 40% off clearance sale.

Tomorrow will be church and then relaxing and trying not to think too much about work.


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