Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Doctor Who's Day - Favorite Writer

Doctor Who's Day is a day late this week because I spent most of yesterday at the county fair. I'll post about that tomorrow.

This week's topic is favorite writer. I could just take the easy route and say Steven Moffat, the current head writer. After all, he has written many of my favorite episodes like, "The Pandorica Opens." He also created River Song and has greatly expanded her story since taking over as head writer. Of course, he's also responsible for those Weeping Angels, so points deducted there.

I decided to look at some of the other writers for Doctor Who and was pleased to discover Gareth Roberts who also wrote some episodes that I highly enjoy. Gareth wrote "The Unicorn and the Wasp," which I recently watched for the second time. I think that's my favorite episode from season 4. He also wrote "The Lodger" and "Closing Time," both of which feature one of my favorite guests, Craig, played by James Corden. Gareth's episodes tend to be very funny as well.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Who is your favorite Doctor Who writer?

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