Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pinterest Sunday

Time for my weekly Pinterest roundup! Every Sunday, I share with you a few of my top finds from the previous week.

My kitting skills are very basic and basically only amount to very boring scarves, but I love this blanket. I may have to con my sister-in-law into either making this for me or teaching me how to make it myself.

I adore this swimsuit. The polka dots are adorable and the sash is cute. I don't really have a need or desire to wear a swimsuit, but I still love it.

I've been craving raspberries lately and finally bought some at the store yesterday. Now I feel like baking something with them and I think these mini muffins might be it. They would also be good for breaking in my new mini muffin pan.

If you're on Pinterest, leave a link in the comments and I'll check out your boards.


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