Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doctor Who's Day - How I Became a Fan

Today's Doctor Who's Day post is the last one in the series! Today's topic is how I became a Doctor Who fan. Or as it's commonly called in the fandom, my "New to Who" story.

I don't remember the exact month I became a fan. I do know that it was when I lived in Florida, so it was sometime between October 2004 and March 2005. At the time, I frequently visited the message boards at Television Without Pity. I didn't post much, but I did like to read others reactions to various shows. I also visited their fun and games topics where things were posted about a wide variety of television shows.

One show that I frequently saw posted about was a show called Doctor Who. I knew it was an older show that had been brought back and from what I could tell from the posts, it seemed to be about a man who could time travel and he had a girl along with him. There was also some implied romance between the two of them. The more I saw, the more interested I became.

I had recently started using Netflix, so I decided to request the first disc of this new Doctor Who show. I figured I'd give the first episode a try and see if I wanted to continue to watch it.

I watched the first episode, "Rose" and I was hooked! The show was highly entertaining with just the right amount of action, mystery, and humor. I liked the Doctor and Rose and I couldn't wait to see where their next adventure took them. I've been watching and obsessing over Doctor Who ever since!

I blame these two for my addiction to British television.

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? When did you become a fan? And if you're not a fan, what is wrong with you?!

Next week, I'm starting a series on my other favorite show to obsess about - Sherlock!



  1. My mom and brother are both huge Dr. Who fans. I keep planning on starting to watch but it hasn't happened yet.

  2. Hi again, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award. There's some information on my blog if you're not familiar. I'm enjoying your blog! Happy Valentine's Day. :-)