Monday, March 4, 2013

Week In Review

Once again, another weekend is over and it's time to start the week. And now we're in a new month. 2013 is flying by!


I wasn't scheduled to work which was good because my eye was still red from being scratched again and my car had been acting weird. M took my car to a local garage, but ended up bringing it right back because it drove perfectly fine. And it's been fine ever since. Weird!


I taught first grade for a class I've been subbing for a lot lately. In fact, I'm teaching them again today. I like doing that because I get to know the kids and their personalities. Plus, I get to know the classroom routines and the day just seems to go much smoother.


After work, M and I took a weekly trip to the library. I love going to the library, but we may have to stop going to the downtown location. It gets a little overrun with some odd characters especially in the winter since it's a warm place that doesn't require you to purchase some thing to hang out there, if you get what I'm saying. While we were there, I discovered that inexplicably, the library does not have the fourth book in a new series I started. The first three books? Sure. The fifth book and the others that follow? Yes. The fourth book? Not a single copy. WTF? So it looks like I'm sucking it up and ordering it from Amazon since I really love this series and it's not exactly possible to skip one. Annoying.


I taught kindergarten. It was fun and the kids were pretty good, but man, does that take a lot of energy. I was exhausted by the time I got home.


I taught the first grade class again. The big state standardize test starts today for the third and fourth grades, so we had a pep rally for them. It was really cute with the younger kids singing songs and cheering for the 3rd and 4th graders. The best part was the end when the principal announced that this week will be spontaneous jeans week. I think the teachers cheered even louder than the kids had been. We love being able to wear jeans to work.


M and I went on a book hunt expedition. We started by going to an estate sale. We haven't been going to them much lately and I forgot how fun they are. It was 50% off every since it was the last day. The house was full of books. We ended up buying a couple kids books and a paperback novel, all for $4.50.

Can you tell this was M's pick?
Then, we went to the local used bookstore. I haven't been there in years and still have credit to use. It's a great place to pick up books for cheap, but since I was on the hunt for specific books, I didn't get any. After that, we went to the bargain book store, but I didn't find the books I was looking for. Instead, I got another paperback book.


After church, we went over to my mother-in-law's house to pick up some stuff and to go with her to Sam's Club. As we were walking to the house from the car, we smelled natural gas. My mother-in-law called the gas company and they sent somebody to check it out. Turns out, there was a gas leak in the area and they ended up having to close the street and do some digging. Good thing we called!

We did go to Sam's Club and stocked up on a bunch of stuff. I also had some food samples as we shopped. I love all the samples on Sundays.

How was your week?

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